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Wonderful Life - 1964 

Above: This clip shows a Reliant Sabre along with some other cars as a background in a scene for Cliff Richard, The Shadows & Susan Hampshire to dance in front of.  The film is available on DVD via Amazon or Ebay.



Top Gear - November 1991

Above: Some very quick clips of Don Pither's Reliant Sabre Six (now in the hands of Chris Gallacher) and the John Valler's Reliant Sabre Six from an 1991 episode of Top Gear where Tony Mason talks about the Illuminations Rally.

Special thanks to Chris Gallacher for sending me the clip



Top Gear - 1991?

Above: A clip from Top Gear - Chris Gough talks about the Ogle/Reliant Triplex Scimitar GTS (Glazing Test Special)



The Sweeney - Cover Story

SweeneyGTE1.jpg (72273 bytes)  SweeneyGTE2.jpg (79111 bytes)  SweeneyGTE3.jpg (65666 bytes)  SweeneyGTE4.jpg (69235 bytes)  SweeneyGTE5.jpg (82414 bytes)

Above: This Beaujolais Red Reliant Scimitar GTE registered YRO 662N featured in an episode called "Cover Story" and was driven by "Reagan's" girlfriend in the episode and was aired on 20th February 1975.



Wild Side Of Life (The Guilt Of Richard Minelli) 2010 Trailer
from Simon Jake Gillespie

Wild_1.jpg (109111 bytes)  Wild_2.jpg (113171 bytes)  Wild_3.jpg (94120 bytes)  Wild_4.jpg (88623 bytes)  Wild_5.jpg (98451 bytes)  Wild_6.jpg (77359 bytes)

Above: This up an coming film by Simon Gillespie is headlining loch ness film festival next year.

Many thanks to Graham White for telling me about the film (It was his fathers car, but has since been sold) and special thanks to Simon Gillespie for letting me use the film clip and sending me the stills of the Scimitar that features in the film.

See Simon's other work:

Simon Jake Gillespie



I huvet på en gammal gubbe (International version know as Out of an Old Man's Head) 

Above: A very short clip of a Sabra Sports car passing by in this 1968 Swedish film.



One Last Chance - 2004 Film

Above: One Last Chance, a Scottish comedy written and directed by  Stewart Svaasand.  The film briefly features a Scimitar GTE SE5a at the beginning of the movie.  



Heroes - TV Series

Above: Heroes, the American science fiction television drama created by Tim Kring.  Series one, Episode one, this very brief clip shows a brown Scimitar GTE SE5a parked in the background. 



Edge of Darkness - 1986 TV Series

Clip 1

Clip 2

Above: In 1986 a Scimitar GTC was shown in a TV drama called "Edge of Darkness".  It was a unique drama about a police inspector who tries to come to terms with his daughter's death and ends up involved in an international conspiracy involving environmental terrorism, plutonium, and the Knights of St John.

The Scimitar GTC registration was B727 AOA.  According to the DVLA website it was due for road tax back in June 1996.  I wonder where the Scimitar is now?



Inspector Morse - 1987 TV Series (sorry no sound)

Above: This blue Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6a registered 7717 HA (made up number?) featured in an episode of Inspector Morse called "The Wolvercote Tongue".

Thanks to Bart van Dijk for letting me know the episode.



The Man Who Sold The World - 2007 Film

Louis Melville's new psychological horror features a Scimitar GTE SE5.

You can see the trailer for the film here:


Thanks to Louis Melville for letting know about the clip.

The actual Scimitar that was featured in the film was later sold on Ebay:

OVE_420J.jpg (19718 bytes)  OVE_420J_a.jpg (25977 bytes)

The whole film can now be seen free online at:


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The Last Shot You Hear - 1969 Film

This film features a Reliant Scimitar GT (I believe it was registered JXE 317D)

This film was based on the play "The Sound Of Murder" by William Fairchild.  Charles Nordeck (Hugh Marlowe) is a successful marriage counselor whose own marriage is on the rocks. When his wife Anne (Patricia Haines) seeks a divorce, Charles refuses to sign the papers fearing the bad publicity could ruin his career. The adulterous Anne then convinces her lover Peter (William Dysart) to kill her husband and make it look like a robbery. The plan is foiled when Charles' secretary Eileen (Zena Walker), who loves Peter, discovers the plot to kill her boss.

WMV files

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(7.21 meg)


The Avengers - 1967 TV Series


An early V6 Reliant Scimitar GT appeared on "The Avengers" in an episode called "You have just been murdered".  It was first aired on Television on 26th October 1967.  

The same Scimitar later appeared in a "Car" magazine in July 1968. 


WMV files

(4.12 meg)


(1.26 meg)




Zeta One - 1969 Film

 This pretty awful Adult sci-fi film stars James Robertson Justice, Charles Hawtrey, Robert Hawdon, Dawn Addams and Anna Gael.  

An early SE5 Scimitar GTE is used for the abduction scene, where two alien women kidnap a woman and throw her in the back of the Scimitar! 





WMV files

(3.74 meg)


(8.84 meg)


Universal Soldier - 1971 Film

 George Lazenby stars in this film as "Ryker"; a mercenary commander and weapons expert who is commissioned to train an army for an exiled African leader.

There is some superb footage of the Scimitar GTE SE5.  I especially like the police chase where the police radio through to headquarters and say "We're chasing a mad b*stard in a red Scimitar!" 

The car was registered GBF 474H and was liable for car tax back in 1997.  Where is it now??? 

A huge thanks to Paul Gardner for sending me the film!



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The Racing Game - 1978 TV Series 

In 1978, a British television series called "The Racing Game" was aired by Yorkshire Television.  It was based on the books from Dick Francis.  

Actor Mike Gwilym plays the part of "Sid Halley", a former jockey turned private eye following an accident in which he lost his right hand.  Mike had a prosthetic hand fitted over his real hand.  

The character "Sid Halley" uses a Scimitar GTE SE6a as his main transport and it's seen quite often throughout the series.  


The film can be bought on DVD through

TheRacingGame.jpg (200853 bytes)

Click for a bigger image

The car registration was UOA 402S.  I wonder where it is now?





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  (2.81 meg)


The Most Fertile Man In Ireland - 1999 Film 

This black comedy stars Kris Marshall and features a Scimitar GTE SE6a for a while.  On one of the scenes the car drives to a halt and is abandoned by the side of the road.  The camera then flicks back to the car a while later and the SE6a has turned into an stripped Se5a bodyshell (I bet they thought nobody would notice!!!)  The film can be bought on DVD through

FertileMan.jpg (200264 bytes)

Click for a bigger picture


AVI file

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Don't Get Me Wrong

 (Music Video from Chrissie Hynde/The Pretenders - Greatest Hits DVD)

This clip shows Chrissie Hynde driving a Scimitar SS1.

The Pretenders Greatest Hits DVD can be bought through

ChrissieHynde.jpg (59242 bytes)

Click for a bigger picture

(Thanks to Dave Smith for sending in this clip)


Images from Television Programs/Films/Music Videos


The Day The Earth Stood Still

Earth_stood_still.jpg (94396 bytes)

Above: This brown Scimitar GTE SE5a appears very briefly in the 2008 version of the film starring Keanu Reeves.




Casualty_Scim1.jpg (105504 bytes)  Casualty_Scim2.jpg (80962 bytes)  Casualty_Scim3.jpg (101125 bytes)

Above: In September 2008 the BBC aired a two part Casualty special which saw Charlie Fairhead (actor: Derek Thompson) driving a Reliant Scimitar SE6a!  





Jeremy Clarkson's Top 100 Cars

Clarkson.jpg (40735 bytes)  TopGearScim.jpg (71365 bytes)

Above: The Reliant Scimitar GTE was placed as number 81 out of 100 top cars by Jeremy Clarkson.  A picture of a Scimitar GTE SE5a was shown with registration DMA 897N.