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Paul Turnbull competing in his Reliant Scimitar at the Swinging Sixties Series at
Snetterton Race Circuit - 05.04.2009

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Above:  Paul Turnbull's Reliant Scimitar GTE in action.


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Above:  A quick look around Paul's well prepared Scimitar GTE in the paddock.

***** Click HERE to see some video clips of Paul's Scimitar in action!! *****



John Leslie competing in his Reliant Sabre at the Swinging Sixties Series at
Snetterton Race Circuit - 05.04.2009

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Above:  John Leslie's Reliant Sabre Six in action.


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Above:  A quick look around John's rare Sabre Six in the paddock.

***** Click HERE to see some video clips of John's Sabre Six in action!! *****



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Above: Johnny Hutchison is the new owner of the ex-Luke Wos Reliant Scimitar circuit racer.

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Above: Luke Wos in action at Croft in 2004



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Above: Jacob Shalit with famous American comedian and car collector/enthusiast "Jay Leno"

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Above: More superb pictures of Jacob's Sabra race cars in action!

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Above:  Various shots of Jacob Shalit's Sabra Roadster racecar in the USA.

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Sears Point Raceway


JacobShalit20.JPG (200266 bytes)

California Speedway


JacobShalit22.jpg (230371 bytes) JacobShalit17.JPG (138788 bytes)

Laguna Seca Raceway


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Laguna Seca Raceway


JacobShalit19.jpg (232574 bytes)

Sears Point Raceway



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Above:  Jacob Shalit's Sabra GT racecar



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Above: John Leslie's Reliant Sabre Six at Donington Park, 4th June 2006

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Above:  Various pictures of John Leslie's Reliant Sabre Six in action


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Above:  John Leslie's Sabre Six at Donington Park, June 2005



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Above: Greg Heacock racing in his Reliant Sabre Six in the USA


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