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Above: Bev Fawkes driving his awesome super modified Scimitar GTE.  The Scimitar was nicknamed  "Blue Thunder".  Bev had extensively modified his SE6 Scimitar GTE.  Modifications included a totally stripped out and lightened body,  a  Ford Cosworth GAA 60 V6 race engine (mainly used for Group 2 touring cars i.e. the works Ford Capri RS3100 and Formula 5000, only 100 kits were sold by Ford Motorsports).  This legendary 3.4 litre engine with quad valve twincam belt drive heads produced a whopping 440 bhp compared to 138bhp in the standard V6 Essex engine!  This enabled the Scimitar to reach speeds of  over 150 mph. 

At Curborough sprint circuit in 1995 Bev Fawkes achieved a lap time of 33.44 seconds and did 102 mph through the finish line.  In 1997 Bev achieved 32.98 seconds in Blue Thunder.

Here is some footage from 1995:

For best results, right click and press "Save Target As" and save the footage to your hardrive (it should play smoothly then). 

   - A lap at Curborough - (7.22 MB)

   - In Car Footage - (10.4 MB)

   - A different view at Curborough - (5.97 MB)

   - Another lap at Curborough - (6.96 MB)

   - A look around Blue Thunder including interior and engine! - (16.9 MB)

   - Debden Sprint 1994 - (7.55 MB) 

Blue Thunder is undergoing a restoration and currently fitted with a twin turbo Cosworth FBA/C hybrid engine.




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Above: Chris and Julie Lloyd with the Green Meanie.  The "Green Meanie" was always a pleasure to watch and listen to!  Sadly Chris Lloyd passed away and the Green Meanie was split up.  The engine and wheels were used on another well know Scimitar GT.


     - A lap at Curborough - (6.06 MB)

   - A lap at Curborough (different view) - (3.39 MB)

   - Chris Lloyd takes Green Meanie for a spin.... literally! - (4.26 MB)


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