Reliant Scimitar GT
Date Magazine Article Title Pages Featured Car Reg
26th September 1964 Motor Scimitar 2 AUE 38B
Nov-64 Practical Motorist Earls Court Motor Show Review 1964 2 ?
Dec-64 Sports Car World New 120 MPH British GT 1 AUE 38B
Dec-64 Car & Driver Reliant Rebel and Scimitar 1 AUE 38B
30th July 1965 Autocar Reliant Scimitar Roadtest 6 BUE 442B
28TH August 1965 Motor Improving the Breed 6 BUE 442B
22nd October 1966 Motor V6 in the Scimitar 1 ARF 109D
12th January 1967 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GT 3-Litre 5 ARF 955D
15th April 1967 Motor Tiger From Tamworth 6 BRE 296D
Aug-67 Sporting Motorist Reliant Scimitar Road Test 4 ARF ????
14th September 1967 Autocar 2 ˝ Litre Reliant Scimitar 1 ?
16th September 1967 Motor Short Sharp Scimitar 1 HRE 408F
Mar-68 Australian Motor 120 MPH GT Costs $3150 3 BRE 296D
11th May 68 Speedworld International Long Range Mile Eater - 2.5L Scimitar GT (Oversized)   HRE 409F
May-68 Motor Big Little Brother - Scimitar 2.5 Litre Test  3 HRE 408F
Jul-68 Car 2 Sizes of Scimitar - (Roadtest 2.5 & 3 litre) 2 ARF 956D
Jul-68 Car & Car Conversions Reliant Scimitar 3 - Litre 3 BRF 645E
9th August 1968 Autosport Economy version of the popular Coupe (2.5l) 3 ORE 236F
24th August 1968 Motor Reliant Scimitar 3 Litre 12,000m r/test 6 SML 484F
Sep-68 Motor Sport What is the Reliant GT really like? 4 ORE 248F
Sep-68 Hot Car MGC GT vs. Scimitar GT 4 ORE 236F
19th September 1968 Autocar Reliant Scimitar 2.5 Litre autotest 5 ORE 237F?
21st November 1968 Autocar Long Term Assessment 4 HRF 238F
May 17th 1969 Motor Reliant Scimitar 3 Litre 24,000m  r/test 3 SML 484F
18th September 1969 Autocar Reliant Scimitar Long Term Assessment 3 ORE 459F
Dec-70 Car & Car Conversions CCC 16 In The Stable 2 ?
Aug-71 Hot Car Scimitar Scene 3 ORE 236F/ORE 459F/BRF 649E
Jan-80 Motor Sport Sporting Turbos. Rew Coupe v AC ME3000 2 WGW 641G ??
May-84 Sporting Cars Two of a Kind - No. 3 (Gilbern vs. Scimitar)  3 HSC 725G?
Jun-84 Classic & Sportscar Class-Fibre (Gilbern vs. Scimitar) 3 CAN 172D
Aug-84 Sporting Cars Two of a Kind - No. 4 (Two Sporting Scimitars) 2 ?
Jun-85 Sporting Cars Project Reliant  2 ARF 109D
Nov-87 Practical Classics Slick Scimitar - Neil Woods Sprint car 1 ?
Feb-91 Your Classic Dash with Panache 4 NVS 165G
Jul-91 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Test Match - Scim v Tvr v Gilbern v Lotus v Marcos 9 GUB 599D
Jun-93 Popular Classics Sharp Looker 4 GJA 909D
Jul-94 Practical Classics Readers Restoration 1 ALU 245H
Jul-94 Classic & Sportscar Coupes De’glass 5 MOX 560F & GUB 599D
Nov-96 Retro Cut To The Quick 4 DDR 898C
Jun-98 Practical Classics Style Challenge 6 KYN 150D
Aug-98 Classics Double Edged Sword 5 WJD 99G
Nov-98 Classics (Supplement) Reliant Scimitar Tuning 1 DDR 898C
Jul-01 Classic & Sports Car Glass Menagerie Scim v Gilbern v Bond Equipe 5 HON 437D
Feb-02 Classics Cuckoo In The Nest 1 WJD 99G
Aug-02 Practical Classics Cut To The Quick (Colin Watson’s V8) 4 MKL 946F
? Drive Reliant Scimitar 1 ?
? Classic and Sportscar Case History - Scimitar GT For Sale 1 JTM 686F
Aug-04 Retro Cars Keith Ridley's Scimitar Coupe 2 TWY 151F