Reliant Scimitar SE5/SE5a
Date Magazine Article Title Pages Featured Car Reg
3rd October 1968 Autocar New for 69 Reliant Scimitar GTE 6 RRE 967G
4th October 1968 Autosport The Reliant GTE 1 ?
5th October 1968 Motor High Speed Hold all 6 RRE 673G
5th October 1968 Motor Estate - Executive - Extra 4 ?
18th October 1968 Autosport 1968 Earls Court Show 3 ?
Jan-69 Car New Breed of GT 1 RRF 186G
14th February 1969 Autosport A Sports-Estate Car with the wedge-shaped look 2 RRE 673G
5th April 1969 Motor Young Blade 3 RRE 673G
Jun-69 Good Motoring Britain's Fastest Estate Car 2 ?
Aug-69 Hot Car Woolfe's Whistler 3 427 GTE
28th August 1969 Autocar When in Spain, do as the Spaniards - Nothing 4 RRE 675G
20th September The London Illustrated News A Gleaming Scimitar From Staffs 1 ?
16th October 1969 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE - New for 69/70 1 XRF 978H
Spring 1970 Drive - AA Motorist Mag Reliant Scimitar GTE 1 ?
12th March 1970 Autosport The Second Biggest All British Car Makers 4 XRF 975H
Mar-70 Car Is This Britains Most Underrated Car? 3 ?
Mar-70 Modern Motor Scimitars for Australia 2 ?
2nd April 1970 Autocar Autotest - Reliant Scimitar GTE Automatic 5 XRF 978H
03rd September 1970 Autocar Long Term Test - Scimitar GTE 4 WRE 327G
Oct-70 Car Giant Test Scimitar GTE vs Triumph Stag 5 XRF 977H
14th November 1970 Motor Personal Choice 2 XRF 976H
17th December 1970 Autocar Front Cover Picture 1 XRF 974H
6th May 1971 Autocar 12,500 Miles With a Scimitar GTE 4 HBF 641H
1971? Sports Car Road Tests Reliant Scimitar GTE - Australia 5 KXP - 999
Aug-71 Car A Sharper Scimitar GTE For 72 2 ?
7th August 1971 Motor Motoring Plus - Reliant Scimitar GTE 3 YBF 206J
Sep-71 Motorist's Guide Triple New Car Test - Capri 3L vs Scimitar GTE vs Triumph Stag 6 XRF 978H
16th October 1971 Motor New for 72 - Smoother Scimitar 2 ?
16th October 1971 Motor Never (Again) On A Sunday 2 WBF 252J
Feb-72 Competition Car On Test: Reliant's GTE 2 CRF 788K
27th April 1972 Autocar British Cars Reviewed (Front Cover Only) 1 ?
Sep-72 Sports Car World Road Test - Scimitar GTE 7 KXP - 999
Jan-72 Motor Sport 20,000 Miles with a Reliant Scimitar 2 ECH 44J
3rd February 1972 Autocar 2 Car Test BMW 2002 vs Reliant Scimitar GTE 6 CRF 787K
1st July 1972 Motor Power Boost For The GTE 2 JRF 640K
20th July 1972 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 JRF 640K
1st February 1973 Car & Car Conversions BMW 2000 Touring vs Reliant GTE 5 JRF 642K
1st February 1973 Autocar Auto Test - Scimitar GTE - Long Distance Cruiser 6 NRF 505L
May-73 Custom Car Ecstasy - Drag Car 2 ?
18th October 1973 Autocar Show Guide - Brief description of Reliant Scimitar and the stand. 1 1 GTE
27th October 1973 Motor Brief Test - Reliant Scimitar GTE 3 RMC 6L
Dec-73 What Car Three Cars For The Price Of One 3 NRF 505L
1973 Hot Car Blown Scimitar 3000 1 PYX 3L
Jan-74 Classic Car Road Test - Scimitar GTE 4 NRF 505L
Jun-74 Fast Car A Blow To Performance (Super charged Scimitar) 2 PYX 3L
Sep-74 Motor Sport Ford Capri Ghia 3l & The Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 RMC 9L
26th September 1974 Motoring News Reliant Scimitar GTE - Capitalist Comfort 1 RMC 9L
Oct-74 Men Only Reliant GTE by John Blunsden 3 LOV 1
5th October 1974 Motor 17,000 Miles on: Reliant Scimitar GTE 4 YRF 653M
11th January 1975 Motor Running - Reliant Scimitar GTE 1 YRF 653M
1st February 1975 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE - Long Term Report 40,000 miles 4 URE 448L
15th February 1975 Motor Super Boosted Scimitar (Broadspeed Turbocharged Scim) 2 CWE 20N
15th March 1975 Autocar Where The Fuel Goes 2 NRF 505L
? ? Used Car Analysis - Get A GTE 3 PPX 413K & JAC 413N
? Hot Car Scimitar vs Gilbern 3 JRF 642K
Mar-78 Custom Car In The Beginning (Picture of Ectsay Drag Scimitar) 1 ?
Jan-80 Old Motor GTE: Durable Trend Setter 4 GOF 262N
May-83 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Our Cars - Scimitar GTE 1 HNJ 497N
Sept/Oct 1983 Sports Car Mechanics Superb Scimitar 2 ?
Spring 1986 Classic Car Mechanics Living With A Scimitar 4 JLU 537N
Autumn 86 Classic Car Mechanics Scimitar Restored 1 PUM 158M
Jan-87 Classic and Sportscar Yellow Peril 2 VYT 904M
Jul-89 Restoring Classic Cars Blade Runner 5 JGC 98K
Oct-90 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Scimitar Super ? 5 RDE 106M
Sep-91 Your Classic Soft-Top Scimitar (advert for SE5/5a Coversions) 1 ?
14th September 1991 Weekend Telegraph Scimelec - Electric Scimitar GTE 1 ?
Dec-91 Classic and Sportscar Sporting Hatches - Scimitar GTE vs BMW 2002 Touring 5 EGU 150H
Jan-92 Popular Classics Estate Management Scimitar GTE v Lancia Beta HPE 2000ie 5 DYU 238J
Mar-92 Your Classic Back On The Road - Scimitar GTE 1 BKK 668K
Jul-92 Your Classic Shooting-Rake Scimitar GTE v Volvo 1800ES 5 JBF 86H
Nov-92 Jalopy Glassfibre Tatty Estates? 4 HCU 63N
Feb-93 Practical Classics DIY Rebuild - A Sick Scimitar 4 GWC 520H
Dec-93 Your Classic Taylor Made 4 BKK 668K
Feb-94 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Readers Rebuild - Housework 6 TBB 32M
May-94 Practical Classics Back to Back - Reliant Scimitar v Datsun 240Z 5 KAC 314N
Oct-94 Classic and Sportscar 13 Grand Tourer 5 JOL 945L
Dec-94 Street Machine Brit With A Twist of Yank - Terry Sands 72 GTE with 460ci big block ford. 1 ?
Nov-95 Classic and Sportscar Ian Bond's Scimitar GTE 1 ?
Feb-95 Cars and Car Conversions At The Clinic 5 GHM 296N
Aug-95 Classic and Sportscar Best Buy - Scimitar GTE 8 VYT 904M
Oct-95 Performance Car Blast From The Past - 1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE 4 SLD 893L
Aug-97 Classics In The Nick Of Time 6 RKB 444N
Oct-97 Practical Classics Snap Shots - Pic of Bill Archibalds 1971 GTE 1 BJH 485K
Feb-98 Practical Classics Your Cars Restored - 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5a 2 JGD 671L
Mar-98 Practical Classics Seventies Revival is Go! - Brief write up about selling a SE5a 1 NYG 951K
Jul-98 Practical Classics New Shells for Scimitars - Brief write up about SE5/SE5a bodies at Scimpart 1 ?
Feb-99 Classics Space Race - Volvo 1800ES v BMW 2002 v Scimitar GTE 7 EGU 150H
Oct-99 Practical Classics Memory Lane - 1971 Motorshow Photograph of SE5a 1 ?
Dec-99 Practical Classics Rust in Peace - Picture of SE5 in Llandudno (ex-celebrity car?) 1 HPB 633K
Jun-00 Practical Classics Your Cars Restored - 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5a 1 KRD 55L
25th October 2000 Auto Express Road Test Special -BMW M Coupe vs Scimitar GTE 1 YCB 775m
Dec-00 Practical Classics Scimitars for the chop - Denpart - Paul Dennison Scrap Yard 1 ?
Dec-00 Classic Cars Buying Guide - Reliant Scimitar 1968 - 1986 5 RPP 154M
Jan-03 Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar SE5/5a 6 FFF 569
Oct-03 Practical Classics Free from Rust. Well, Hardly. Brief review of a Yellow Se5a (sideview photo) 1 ?
Jul-04 Retro Cars Reliant Scimitar GTE Buyers Guide 8 REL 417G
Oct-04 Retro Cars Sword of Damocles - (Iain Daniels Supercharged Scimitar) 5 ?
Nov-04 Practical Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar 2 KAC 314N
24th December 2004 Daily Mirror Why I love My Scimitar - Dave Poole's Scimitar 1 WRK 99G
May-05 Classics Monthly Modifying Reliant Scimitars 6 VRD 561J, LYB 989K, WOB 596J
18th August 2005 Classic Car Weekly Shoot Out - Scimitar GTE vs Datsun 240Z 2 KAC 314N
Dec-05 Retro Cars Reliant Scimitar GTE - How To Modify 7 KWE 777P
5th January 2005 Classic Car Weekly Buying - Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 RDE 106M
Oct-06 Practical Classics Staff Car Sagas - Kieth Moody buys an SE5a 1 SSF 410N
Nov-06 Practical Performance Car Sword Fighter (A look at Iain Daniels Supercharged Scim) 6 ?
Jan-07 Practical Classics Your Cars - 1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE - Don Kennedys SE5a 1 JBY 137K
Aug-07 Practical Classics Buying Guide to Reliant Scimitar GTE 6 UVG 28K
Sep-07 Practical Performance Car Budget Blaster - Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 PTX 312L
Sep-07 Classics Monthly Go down to the woods today - 2 derilect looking Scimitars 1 HRD 754N & ?
Winter 07 Intersection Forgotton Classic - The Royally Endorsed Scimitar GTE 1 ?
Apr-08 Practical Performance Car Diesel Power 6 DTO 782L
Jun-08 Classic Cars For Sale Fuel For Thought - LPG conversion featuring Steve Sims SE5a 3 UVG 28K
Spring 08 Classics Monthly Readers Stories - My Classic by Will Holder SE5a 3 NHS 6L
Oct - 08 Retro Cars Readers Rides - Darren Flanagan Reliant Scimitar 1 EGO 22J
Oct - 08 Retro Cars Silver Cup Pub Meet - 1 picture of GTE on road 1 RFA 343H
01 February 2009 Classics Monthly The Underdog - Gilbern v Scimitar GTE 6 GBL 84K, XRH 511J & TGO 246M
12th February 2009 Classic Car Weekly Out and About - Let it Snow - Picture of Dave Pooles Scimitar in the snow 1 WRK 99G
? Classic and Sportscar Starter Classic - Reliant Scimitar GTE 4 JYR 652N
Jul - 09 Practical Classics Overlooked and Underrated - Scimitar GTE, Bentley, Austin 1100, Hillman Super Minx 6 GBL 84K