Reliant Scimitar GTC SE8b
Date Magazine Article Title Pages Featured Car Reg
Sep-79 Car Reliant: The Stag Hunter 2 XJW 247T
Mar-80 Motor Sport Reliant Takes Off The Lid 1 GTC 802V
Mar-80 Autotrade Reliant Roll On To Better Things  (Oversized) 1 ?
1st March 1980 Autocar Slicing Off The Top  (Oversized) 3 GTC 802V
1st March 1980 Motor Reliant Goes Topless 4 GTC
14th June 1980 Motor Road Test: Reliant Scimitar GTC 5 EOE 417V
20th September 1980 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTC - A comfy Rarity (Oversized) 7 EOE 417V
Sept/Oct 1980 Drive Reliant Scimitar GTC 4 EOE 417V
6th November 1980 Autosport A Breath Of Fresh Air? 2 ?
Feb-81 Motor Sport The Reliant Scimitar GTC 2 RMC 1L
May-81 Custom Car Freewheeling 1 ?
May-81 Old Motor Sleepers 1 RMC 1L
Jul-81 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Covertible Comeback - VW GOLF Gli or Scimitar GTC 2 EOE 422V & OBY 191W
Aug-81 Collector's Car New Open Blade 2 EOE 417V
22nd October 1981 Motoring News Low Boost High Roller - GTC Turbo 1 JJW 955W
Mar-82 Old Motor Head To Hard - Stag vs Scimitar GTC 3 XJW 247T
Mar-82 Old Motor Where there's muck… 3 XJW 247T
Oct-83 Performance Car A Brief Look - Reliant Scimitar GTC 1 GTC
? Classic Sports Cars Family Fout Tunes - Stag vs Scimitar GTC 4 JKK 880V
Mar-88 Practical Classics Soft Options - Scim GTC vs Stag vs Peug 504 vs Ford T/bird 7 LCL 330V
Apr-01 Practical Classics The Alternatives:  Brief look at GTC 1 ?
? ? Open Air 1 RMC 1L
Oct-03 Practical Classics Rolling Stock - Reliant Scimitar GTC 1 KDA549W
20th September 2007 Classic Car Weekly 1980 Reliant Scimitar GTE - Sale/brief roadtest 1 FOH 287V
Jan-09 Classics and Sports Car McCarthy's Car Sells - GTC Prototype sells at auction for £2250 1 XJW 247T