Scimitar SS1
Date Magazine Article Title Pages Featured Car Reg
? ? The Sports Car that had to wait for 1984 1 Prototype SS1
Jun-84 Car Reliants New MGB 2 FOH 274V
Oct-84 Sporting Cars Spritely New Reliant 2 B726 AOA
6th October 1984 Motor Scimitar Surprise 1 ?
6th October 1984 Motor The Soft Top Option 4 ?
? ? SS1 For The Road 2 B726 AOA
6th October 1984 Autocar Sharp, but not dangerous 3 B729 AOA
24th October 1984 Autocar Reliant Sports Debut (Birmingham Motorshow) 1 B731 AOA
27th October 1984 Motor Speed Show (Birmingham Motorshow) 2 B731 AOA
Nov-84 Motor Sport Reliant Scimitar SS1 1 B726 AOA
Nov-84 Sports Car Mechanics Reliant Renaissance 2 B726 AOA
Nov-84 Fast Lane Reliant's Traditional Wedge 4 B726 AOA
Nov-84 Performance Car Good Sport 3 ?
Nov-84 Custom Car Blade Runner 3 B726 AOA
Nov-84 Car Scimitar now a Roadster 4 A183 YOL
Nov-84 Modern Motor Plastic Wedge for Reliant 2 B726 AOA
Dec-84 Sports Cars Mechanics Sporting Revival at NEC (Pictures & brief mention of the new SS1) 1 ?
Dec-84 Car & Car Conversions Debut - Reliant Scimitar SS1 1 ?
1985 Atochromes/Autokraft? Scimitar SS1 Reliant's New Small Car 8 B749 AOA
Jan/March 1985 Sports Car World For MGB, read SS1 4 B726 AOA
3rd April 1985 Autocar Back To Basics 7 B738 AOA
6th April 1985 Motor Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 6 B743 AOA
Jun-85 Motor Sport Road Test: Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 4 B743 AOA
Jun-85 Sporting Cars New Blade 2 B726 AOA
Jun-85 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Designed for pleasure 2 ?
6th July 1985 TV Times Open Road - Fatima Whitbread looks at an SS1 2 B740 AOA
Jul-85 Fast Lane Reliant Scimitar SS1 4 B738 AOA
Jul-85 Sports Car Reliant Scimitar SS1 6 B738 AOA
Aug-85 Motor Sport Reliant SS1 Turbo 1 B23 KAB ?
26th October 1985 Motor Rooster Booster 2 B23 KAB
26th October 1985 Motor New Engine for SS1 (Very Brief Article) 1 ?
9th November 1985 Motor Running Report: Tamworth's Triumph 1 B782 EGO
Nov-85 Road & Track Reliant Scimitar SS1 3 B731 AOA
Nov-85 Classic & Sports Car SS1 Jaguar and SS1 Scimitar 2 B738 AOA
4th January 1986 Motor Running Report: Soft Option 1 B782 EGO
Feb-86 Sports Car Monthly Rooster Booster 2 B23 KAB
28th June 1986 Motor Sharpening The Sword 4 C686 GOH
23rd August 1986 Motor Reliant Scimitar 1800Ti 4 C887 LGN
10th September 1986 Autocar Back To Basics/Seal Of Approval 3 ?
10th September 1986 Autocar Switchblade 4 D966 MOH
Oct-86 Sporting Cars International Oops! Photo of Mike Watley overturned SS1 at Lydden Hill 1 FOH 274V
Oct-86 Car Rising Fast 6 D966 MOH
Feb-87 Cars and Car Conversions Tokyo Storm Warning 1 D966 MOH
Feb-87 Motor Running Report: Going, Going… 1 B782 EGO
Mar-87 Car Kicks on the A66 -  SS1 vs Toyota MR2 6 ?
Mar-87 Carsport Road Test: Reliant Scimitar 1800 Ti 4 ?
Apr-87 Sports Car Monthly Reliant Scimitar 1800Ti 4 D966 MOH
10th October 1987 Motor Daimler SP250 vs Reliant SS1 4 E347 VGO?
Sep-87 Car and Driver The return of the British Sports Car (Scimitar 1800Ti) 1 ?
Jun-88 Car Touring Britain in 3 Roadster - Alfa Spider v SS1 v TVR S 8 E879 SOF
Sep-88 Motor Sport TVR versus Reliant Scimitar - Soft in the head? -Road Test 4 E343 VGO/E879 SOF
Dec-88 Sports Cars Illustrated Jaunty Sportsters - TVR S vs Scimitar 1800Ti 8 E879 SOF
18th October 1989 Autocar & Motor Motorfair Stand Guide - Reliant Stand 21 1 D966 MOH
Mar-91 Fast Car More Batman than Robin  4 D908 UMA
Jul-91 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Scimitar Shock 1 B731 AOA
22nd April 1992 Autocar & Motor Scimitar 1800Ti (brief test) 1 D966 MOH
Sep-92 Classic & Sports Car On The Knife Edge 4 D174 NGN & G702 HOM
Jul-93 Your Classic Buyers Guide - Scimitar SS1 3 D845 WGY
Jan-96 Classic & Sports Car Fact File: Scimitar SS1 2 E207 BHK
Sep-00 Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar SS1 6 C948 TAB
Apr-01 Classics ? 2 C948 TAB
Oct-03 Classics Beer Money - Reliant on Plastic 2 C33 FBM
Jul-05 Classic & Sports Car Scimitar SS1 - Sabre 4 F635 BHE
Feb-06 Retro Cars Readers Rides - Rabid Reliant - Stuart Brabhams Reliant Scimitar SS1 1 ?
Dec-08 Classic Car Mart Readers Cars - Peter Cudmore's 1986 Reliant Scimitar SS1 1 C132 LOJ
Jan-09 Practical Classics Readers Restoration - 1987 Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 - Sue Cropper 4 E246 WMB
15th Jan 2009 Classic Car Weekly Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar SS1 (picture of Dan Locktons SST) 1 K120 NHR
? Fast Lane Smaller But Cheaper 2 B738 AOA
? ? Baby, Look at you now.. - SS1 vs Midas Gold  5 C684 GOH
Scimitar SS2 (Prototype by William Towns based on the SST)
Sep-89 Motor Sport Reliant Restyled 1 SS2
16th November 1988 Autocar & Motor Reliant Reborn (A look at the SS2 Prototype) 5 SS2
Jan-89 Sport & GT Reliant Scimitar SS2 4 SS2
Jan-89 Fast Lane Shaping Up 3 SS2
*1991* Daily Express Daily Express World Cars Guide 1 SS2