Scimitar SST
Date Magazine Article Title Pages Featured Car Reg
18th October 1989 Autocar & Motor Reliant Unveils New Scimitar 1 ?
30th May 1990 Autocar & Motor Reliant Scimitar SST 18001ti 6 G702 HOM
01 September 1990 Fast Lane Dashing Blade 4 G709 HOM?
Sep-90 Performance Ford Back On The Right Road 6 G701 HOM
Nov-90 Motor Sport The Blunt Edge 3 G701 HOM
Jul-99 Practical Classics Reliant Scimitar SST - (brief Article) 1 J320 GMB
30th May 1990 Autocar & Motor Cheap Thrills? 1 G701 HOM
1991 Daily Express World Cars Guide Reliant Scimitar SST (Brief descriptionshows pictures of the SS2) 1 SS2