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A page for models of Sporting Reliants by Pathfinder, Corgi, Mikandsue, Oxford Models etc some of Dave Poole's collection.............  Enjoy!!!!




Oxford Models have now released a third model.  It's another GTE, but it is based loosely on my very own Scimitar WRK 99G!!

oxford_3.JPG (109903 bytes)  oxford_4.JPG (99347 bytes)  oxford_5.JPG (97116 bytes)  oxford_6.JPG (96107 bytes)




I am pleased to say that Oxford Diecast Models have recently released a 1/76 scale model Scimitar GTE, which is available in either Nevada Yellow or Airforce Blue (as Princess Anne's Scimitar).

  They are nice models at a very affordable price.  The current retail price is around 3.49 so they should sell very well!!  They are already on sale at Oxford Diecast Models and all good model shops and of course eBay.

Above: Pictures of the new 1/76 scale Scimitar GTE courtesy of Oxford Models

Scim_Yellow.jpg (151753 bytes)  scim_x2.jpg (113080 bytes)  Oxford_models.jpg (113896 bytes)  

Above: My Oxford Diecast Scimitar (click to enlarge)

Many thanks to Adrienne Fuller and team for producing these wonderful models!




These models of the Ogle Reliant Scimitar GTE was produced by the Mettoy Company Limited in 1970 and was based on the one off Ogle Scimitar GTE built for the 1968 Motorshow.

oglegte.jpg (218829 bytes)  oglegte_2.jpg (196836 bytes)

Above: The real Ogle Scimitar GTE

OK, just when I thought I had all the models I find out about another couple!!

There were four six slightly different versions:  light blue with 5 spoke silver wheels, light blue with 10 spoke silver wheels, light blue with black wheels, white with black wheels, white with silver wheels and dark blue with black wheels.  According to collectors there were a few early models with the word Britain spelt incorrectly on the base  (it was spelt Britian).

OgleGTE_1a.jpg (388874 bytes)   OgleGTE_1b.jpg (341469 bytes)  OgleGTE_1c.jpg (416825 bytes)

Above: Corgi Junior Whizzwheels Reliant Ogle Scimitar GTE - Version 1: light blue with silver 5 spoke wheels

corgi_10spoke.jpg (204725 bytes)

Above: Corgi Junior Whizzwheels Reliant Ogle Scimitar GTE - Version 2: light blue with silver 10 spoke wheels


OgleGTE_2a.jpg (373749 bytes)  OgleGTE_2b.jpg (367368 bytes)  OgleGTE_2c.jpg (402859 bytes)

Above: Corgi Junior Whizzwheels Reliant Ogle Scimitar GTE - Version 3: light blue with black wheels


OgleGTE_3a.jpg (353051 bytes)  OgleGTE_3b.jpg (358300 bytes)  OgleGTE_3c.jpg (399398 bytes)

Above: Corgi Junior Whizzwheels Reliant Ogle Scimitar GTE - Version 3: white with black wheels

corgiwhite_silv.jpg (118318 bytes)  corgiwhite_silv_2.jpg (119790 bytes)

Above: Corgi Junior Whizzwheels Reliant Ogle Scimitar GTE - Version 3: white with silver wheels

CorgiScimBLUE1.jpg (543674 bytes)  CorgiScimBLUE2.jpg (134714 bytes)  CorgiScimBLUE3.jpg (418203 bytes)

Above: Corgi Junior Whizzwheels Reliant Ogle Scimitar GTE Version 4 (dark blue with black wheels).  I spotted this one recently on a Corgi collectors forum, but never seen one before.


Corgi_GTEa.jpg (338266 bytes)  Corgi_GTEb.jpg (288140 bytes)  Corgi_GTEc.jpg (312225 bytes)  Corgi_GTEd.jpg (281684 bytes)  Corgi_GTEe.jpg (362735 bytes)  Corgi_GTEf.jpg (378482 bytes)

Above: This is what the CORGI JUNIORS WHIZZWHEELS model looks like from different angles.

oglehodge_2.jpg (147746 bytes)  oglehodge.jpg (117128 bytes)  oglehodge_3.jpg (104506 bytes)  oglehodge_4.jpg (124379 bytes)

Above: I decided to do a body off restoration on my scruffy blue Ogle Scimitar model and respray it in beige with gold wheels just like the original Ogle Scimitar GTE :o)



echoes_se6.jpg (134011 bytes)

Above: Echoes Models Kit - not quite finished building it yet

Barry Dickens produced this very nice models made from resin.  Rumour has it that Barry will be producing more of these models to order sometime in the future.




These miniature models are made in England from a mixture of polyester resin and aluminium powder, giving an beautiful authentic pewter finish.  The Reliant Scimitar GT, GTE and SS1's are available through the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club or can be bought through Ebay.

1_92models.jpg (300961 bytes)  

GT_1_92.jpg (302770 bytes)   GTE_1_92.jpg (308509 bytes)  SS1_ 1_92.jpg (301304 bytes)

Above: AUTOSCUPLT Pewter effect 1/92 models.  

GTES.jpg (345480 bytes)

Above:  AUTOSCUPLT also do a bigger pewter effect 1/32 scale model of the Scimitar GTE is also available through Ebay




CoupeMod1.JPG (94061 bytes)   CoupeMod2.JPG (104531 bytes)


Above:  I finally managed to get one of these rare models for my own collection!   This soft white metal 1/43 model kit  (Grand Tourisme Kit 19) of the Scimitar GT was based on a the straight six model.  Like the GTE models, these are very rare and rarely turn up in their original kit form.

  Mikansue_GT2.jpg (25794 bytes)

Above: Example of fully built and painted model




Mikansue1.jpg (345198 bytes)   Mikansue2.jpg (364936 bytes)    Mikansue3.jpg (347022 bytes)

Above:  1/43 (Grand Tourismo Kit 13).  This soft white metal model Scimitar GTE SE5a was based on a 1973 model.  These have become very collectable and they rarely turn up in their original kit form.




SS1d.jpg (339563 bytes)  SS1c.jpg (330090 bytes)  SS1b.jpg (321298 bytes)  SS1a.jpg (321825 bytes)

Above: This very limited edition Reliant Scimitar SS1 set is number 24 of only 30 made.




Pathfinder models are among the most desirable models to collect.  They are very well detailed.  The Reliant Scimitar GTE was produced in two colours.  A nevada yellow and blue car were produced in limited numbers.  The production of these models was only 300 in each colour.  This has made these models very sought after.  They appear on Ebay occasionally and prices range from 100 to 250 for a mint model in its original box.

Pathfinder2.jpg (352311 bytes)   Pathfinder.jpg (310405 bytes)   Pathfinder3.jpg (343954 bytes)

Above: 1/43 Pathfinder Model Scimitar GTE SE5a (Pathfinder Model 5)


Pathfinder_1a.jpg (285556 bytes)  Pathfinder_1b.jpg (271530 bytes)  Pathfinder_1c.jpg (270313 bytes)  Pathfinder_1d.jpg (282882 bytes)  Pathfinder_1e.jpg (285478 bytes)

Above: Scimitar GTE in Nevada Yellow

Pathfinder_2ab.jpg (294694 bytes)  Pathfinder_2b.jpg (274557 bytes)  Pathfinder_2c.jpg (272243 bytes)  Pathfinder_2d.jpg (288043 bytes)  Pathfinder_2e.jpg (289854 bytes)

Above: Scimitar GTE in Blue



"This is different concept in the presentation of scale model vehicles.  Instead of showing the usual high level of detail, this range of models presents the vehicles in their basic form.  All are made to the standard collector's scale of 1/43 so that they can sit alongside other products at the same scale.  Each model carries a serial number and is accompanied by a certificate of that number.  Different people have described them in different ways, such as sculptures or being like the original clay model that the vehicle manufacturers make as part of their development programmes"

ResinGTE.jpg (308916 bytes)   ScimitarModel02.jpg (99376 bytes)   ScimitarModel03.jpg (88058 bytes)   ScimitarModel01.jpg (94809 bytes)

Above: Resin Model of the Reliant Scimitar GTE

These are available and retail at 35.00 each (plus postage and packaging).  If you are interested in a model, then please contact David Rootes via email:

Visit David's website for his other creations



Other Models not in my collection include:

Echo-Gtc.jpg (12224 bytes)  Echo-Sabre.jpg (14074 bytes)

Above: Echoes Models. Models produced included a Scimitar GTC and  a Scimitar Sabre.

Mikansue_GT1.jpg (34603 bytes)

Above: Berolina Coupe


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