Reliant Sabre 6

Code Name (SE2) 

In October 1961 a new more powerful version of the Sabre was on display at the London Motorshow.  The bodywork had been improved to accept the short nose bonnet and rounded rear wheel arches gave a much neater appearance.  Among various chassis modifications to help improve road handling, the Reliant Sabre 6 was fitted with Ford's 2,553cc straight six engine, which was mated to a Ford 4 speed gearbox instead of the German ZF gearbox.  This helped push the car to a maximum top speed of 110 MPH.  The first 15 cars produced retained the original "flailing arm" front suspension, but Reliant then started using the double wishbone and coil set up derived from the Triumph TR4.

The Sabre Six went on sale to the public in 1962.  Autocar Magazine praised the Sabres driving position and visibility and said it was a fine grand touring car.

Poor sales led Reliant to only ever produce 75 Sabre 6 GT's and 2 Sabre 6 convertibles.

  Once again Reliant took Sabre Six works cars to compete in international rallies and had some success.  Sadly Reliant were at the time only a relatively small engineering company who didn't have a fraction of the money to spend on development that any of the bigger motor manufacturers had and the Works cars were later sold off.

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Above: Rally Sabre's 


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Above: One of only two Reliant Sabre Six Convertibles at the NEC Classic Motorshow in 2006.


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Above: Reliant Sabre 6's are still popular on the race track today!


Type: Ford, 6 cylinder, in line, water cooled
Bore and Stroke: 82.6mm x 79.5mm
Cubic Capacity: 2,553cc
Valves: Pushrod o.h.v.
Compression Ratio: 8:3 :1
Carburetter: Zenith Downdraught
Fuel Pump: AC Mechanical
Oil Filter: AC Full Flow
Max Power (net): 109 b.h.p. @ 4,800 r.p.m.
Max Torque (net): 137 lb. ft. @ 2,400 r.p.m.
Clutch: Single dry-plate
Diameter: 8.5 in.


Differential: Spiral/bevel
Ratio: 3.58 to 1


Transmission: Ford, 4-speed all synchromesh
Overdrive -(OD) Borg-Warner
Ratios: 1st 3.16 - 2.43 (OD) 
Ratios: 2nd 2.21 - 1.70 (OD)
Ratios: 3rd 1.41 - 1.19(OD)
Ratios: 4th 1.0 - 0.77 (OD) 


Steering: Rack and pinion
Turns Lock to Lock: 3 1/4
Turn Circle: 34 1/2 ft.


Brakes:  Girling Hydraulic, Disc front, drum rear
Drum or Disc Diameter: F = 10.4in. dia;  R= 9in. dia; 1.57in. wide shoes
Swept Area: 209 sq. in.


Frame: Box-section
Body: Fiber/Resin, bolt-on
Front Suspension: Independent coil springs, wishbones, telescopic dampers
Rear Suspension: Live axle, coil springs, modified watts linkage. telescopic dampers
Wheels 15" Pressed steel or optional wire wheels 4.5in rim
Tyre Size and Type: 165x15 Pirelli Cinturatos with tubes
Wheelbase: 7ft 6in.
Front Track: 4ft. 
Rear Track: 4ft.
Overall Height: 4ft. 3in.
Overall Width: 5ft 1in.
Overall Length: 13ft 4in.
Ground Clearance: 5in.
Curb Weight: 1770 lbs.
Test Weight: 2048 lbs.
Oil Capacity: 8 Pints.
Water Capacity: 23 Pints.
Fuel Capacity: 12 gals.


0-30 (mph): 3.8 sec.
0-40 (mph): 6.1 sec.
0-50 (mph): 9.2 sec.
0-60 (mph): 12.2 sec.
0-70 (mph): 15.8 sec.
0-80 (mph): 21.5 sec.
0-90 (mph): 27.3 sec.
0-100 (mph): 38.0 sec.
Standing 1/4 mile: 18.3 sec. @ 77 mph 
Top Speed: 109 mph
Fuel Consumption Test: (Overall) 23.4 mpg.
Average Consumption: (Touring) 30.3 mpg.
Max Gear Speed - 1st: 32 mph - 43 mph (OD).
Max Gear Speed - 2nd: 45 mph - 60 mph (OD).
Max Gear Speed - 3rd: 73 mph - 97 mph (OD).
Max Gear Speed - 4th: 106 mph - 109 mph (OD).
Gear Range - 1st: 0 to 37 mph.
Gear Range - 2nd: 21 to 55 mph.
Gear Range - 3rd: 42 to 77 mph.
Gear Range - 4th: 50 to 99 mph.
Brake Test: 30 mph to 0 mph in 31 feet (98% efficiency)