Reliant Scimitar 1800Ti

Above: Left hand drive version of the 1800ti fitted with the optional hard top



Reliant couldn't do a great deal with the design of the SS1 at the time, but they greatly improved the car by adding a galvanised chassis, alloy wheels and a boot spoiler, however the biggest improvement was made by adopting a little bit more power in the shape of the Nissan Silvia's 1800cc Turbo engine.  This engine made the little SS1 into a very fast road car.  It had a top speed of 126 MPH and did 0 to 60 in less than 7 seconds.  However with the new power plant pushed up the retail price to 10,300 (though, still 1000 cheaper than the Toyota MR2).  Sales of the 1800ti did increase, but sadly were never what Reliant expected.