Reliant Scimitar GT

Code Name (SE4) 

As the Sabre 6 began looking a bit dated, Managing Director "Ray Wiggin" started looking for a new design.  While at the 1962 Motor Show, Ray Wiggin saw a car called an OGLE SX250.  It had been designed by David Ogle (of David Ogle Associates, later known as Ogle Design) and it was based on the Daimler Dart SP250 chassis and running gear.  The car had been privately commissioned by a managing director of the Helena Rubenstein Company (UK) called Boris Forter, who later had another one built for his girlfriend.


Above:  Advert for Ogle Design

Daimler didn't use the design, so Reliant approached Ogle Design and asked to buy the rights for the design.  As well as some subtle changes, the body shell of Ogle SX250 was further modified to fit the existing Reliant Sabre chassis and running gear.  It retained the same straight six engine from the Sabre, but included triple SU carburettors as standard, which now produced 120 bhp and propelled the car to a top speed of 117 mph.  It was 1964 when Reliant launched their new Scimitar GT at the Earls Court Motor Show.  

Above: The first car was actually badged as an Ogle Scimitar GT (note the square badge on the bonnet).

The Scimitar GT was praised for its elegant lines and performance figures for a price of 1,292.  The price included wire wheels, a luxurious interior with comprehensive instrumentation. 

Above: The Ogle Scimitar GT interior.

Optional extras included a choice of De Normanville overdrive unit, electric sunroof and ZF gearbox.  Reliant produced approximately 296 straight six Scimitar GT's.

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Above: A Concourse Reliant Scimitar GT at Curborough in 2005


Type: Ford, 6 cylinder, in line, water cooled
Bore and Stroke: 82.55mm x 79.50mm
Cubic Capacity: 2,553cc
Valves: Pushrod o.h.v.
Compression Ratio: 8:3 :1
Carburetter: Triple S.U. Type HS4
Fuel Pump: AC Mechanical
Oil Filter: AC Full Flow, renewable element
Max Power (net): 120 b.h.p. (net) @ 5,000 r.p.m.
Max Torque (net): 140 lb. ft. (net) @ 2,600 r.p.m.
Clutch: Single dry-plate
Diameter: 8.5 in.


Differential: Spiral bevel
Ratio: 3.875 to 1


Transmission:  4-speed all synchromesh
Overdrive - (OD) Auto Transmissions/De Normanville
Ratios: 1st 3.16 
Ratios: 2nd 2.21 
Ratios: 3rd 1.4 - 1.10(OD)
Ratios: 4th 1.0 - 0.78 (OD)


Steering: Rack and pinion
Turns Lock to Lock: 3.4
Turn Circle: 33 1/2 ft.


Brakes:  Servo Ass. Girling Powerstop vacuum type.  Hydraulic, Disc front, drum rear
Drum or Disc Diameter: F = 10.6in. dia;  R= 9in. dia; 1.75in. wide shoes
Swept Area: F 227 sq. in. R 99 sq. in.


Frame: Pressed steel box frame
Body: Fiber/Resin, bolt-on
Front Suspension: Independent coil springs, wishbones, telescopic dampers
Rear Suspension: Live axle, coil springs, modified watts linkage. telescopic dampers
Wheels Centre lock wire wheels 4.5in rim
Tyre Size and Type: 165x15, Pirelli Cinturato with tubes
Wheelbase: 7ft 8.5in.
Front Track: 4ft 2in. 
Rear Track: 4ft 2in.
Overall Height: 4ft. 3.5 in.
Overall Width: 5ft 4in.
Overall Length: 13ft 11in.
Ground Clearance: 5.5 in.
Curb Weight: 21.2 cwt. 
Test Weight: 24.9 cwt.
Oil Capacity: Sump 6.5 Pints.
Water Capacity: 23 Pints.
Fuel Capacity: 20 gals.


0-30 (mph): 3.1 sec.
0-40 (mph): 4.9 sec.
0-50 (mph): 7.3 sec.
0-60 (mph): 10.1 sec.
0-70 (mph): 13.6 sec.
0-80 (mph): 17.9 sec.
0-90 (mph): 24.6 sec.
0-100 (mph): 33.4 sec.
Standing 1/4 mile: 17.9 sec. 
Top Speed: 117 mph
Fuel Consumption Test: (Overall) 18 mpg.
Average Consumption: (Touring) 30 mpg.
Max Gear Speed - 1st: 30 mph 
Max Gear Speed - 2nd: 42 mph 
Max Gear Speed - 3rd: 66 mph - 85 mph (OD).
Max Gear Speed - 4th: 93 mph - 117 mph (OD).