Reliant Scimitar GT

Code Name (SE4c)

Reliant launched their third and final version of the V6 Scimitar GT in late 1967.  To widen the Scimitars appeal they launched a slightly less powerful Scimitar GT.  Using Fords 2.5 litre version of the V6 Essex engine meant that the car could still reach speeds of over 110 mph, have slightly better mpg, but ultimately reduce the cost to the public by approx 120.   To look at the only difference between the 3 litre and 2.5 litre versions was the small badge on the boot giving the engine size.

Above:  Scimitar GT (SE4C) badged as a 2.5 litre

Approximately 118 of the 2.5 litre Scimitar GT's were sold before this version was withdrawn.  The standard Scimitar GT carried on being produced until the last model rolled out of the door in November 1970.


Type: Ford Essex, V6, 
Bore and Stroke: 93.67mm x 60.35mm
Cubic Capacity: 2495cc
Valves: Overhead, pushrods and rockers.
Compression Ratio: 9.1 :1
Carburetter: Weber Twin choke 40 DFA-1
Fuel Pump: AC Mechanical
Oil Filter: AC Full Flow, renewable element
Max Power (net): 119 b.h.p. (net) @ 4,750 r.p.m.
Max Torque (net): 146 lb. ft. (net) @ 3,000 r.p.m.
Clutch: Single dry-plate, diaphragm spring
Diameter: 9 in.


Differential: Hypoid bevel
Ratio: 3.58 to 1


Transmission:   4-speed all synchromesh
Overdrive - (OD) Laycock de Normanville
Ratios: 1st 3.16 
Ratios: 2nd 2.21 
Ratios: 3rd 1.4 - 1.13(OD)
Ratios: 4th 1.0 - 0.82 (OD)


Steering: Rack and pinion
Turns Lock to Lock: 3.3
Turn Circle: 35.6 ft.


Brakes:  Servo Ass. Girling Powerstop vacuum type.  Hydraulic, Disc front, drum rear
Drum or Disc Diameter: F = 10.6in. dia;  R= 9in. dia; 1.75in. wide shoes
Swept Area: F 227 sq. in. R 99 sq. in.


Frame: Pressed steel box frame
Body: Fiber/Resin, bolt-on
Front Suspension: Independent coil springs, wishbones, telescopic dampers, anti roll bar
Rear Suspension: Live, coil springs, modified watts linkage. telescopic dampers, trailing arms
Wheels Pressed steel wheels 5.5in rim
Tyre Size and Type: 165x15, Pirelli Cinturato radial-ply with tubes
Wheelbase: 7ft 8.5 in.
Front Track: 4ft 2in. 
Rear Track: 4ft 2in.
Overall Height: 4ft. 3.5 in.
Overall Width: 5ft 4in.
Overall Length: 13ft 11 in.
Ground Clearance: 5.5 in.
Curb Weight: 21.0 cwt. 
Test Weight: 24.6 cwt.
Oil Capacity: Sump 9.5 Pints.
Water Capacity: 22 Pints.
Fuel Capacity: 21.3 gals.


0-30 (mph): 3.9 sec.
0-40 (mph): 6.1 sec.
0-50 (mph): 8.7 sec.
0-60 (mph): 12.3 sec.
0-70 (mph): 16.0 sec.
0-80 (mph): 21.1 sec.
0-90 (mph): 30.0 sec.
0-100 (mph): 41.6 sec.
Standing 1/4 mile: 18.5 sec @ 75 mph. 
Top Speed: 111 mph
Fuel Consumption Test: (Overall) 23.1 mpg.
Average Consumption: (Touring) 26.0 mpg.