Reliant Scimitar GTE

1971 to 1975

Code Name (SE5a)

In October 1971 Reliant gave the Scimitar GTE SE5 a facelift and it was now termed the "SE5a".  


The facelift included a slightly higher nose cone which raised the height of the front lights, a new one piece chrome dummy grille, "Scimitar Shield Logo" badges on the side of the front wings instead of the "3 Litre" badges, bolder Scimitar GTE lettering, polished sill strips, new rear lights with integral reversing lights and new door handles. The interior was also changed; a new ABS plastic fascia was fitted with new rocker switches instead of the older style toggle switches.  Warning lights were fitted in the instrument panel which indicated "radiator cooling fan", "low disc brake pad level", "brake fluid level" and "low fuel". Other additions included automatic windows, foot well vents (to supply much needed cool air into the foot wells during summer) and a tonneau cover was now available to hide your tools in the rear compartment.  Dunlop composite wheels were an optional extra as seen in the above picture.  

The engine was marginally improved.  The inlet manifold had been changed from "O" port to "D" port which improved BHP from 138 to 145 and the carburettor was changed to give to car a top speed of 125 MPH.

Approximately 5,105 SE5a's were produced between October 1971 and October 1975.