Reliant Scimitar GTE 

Code Name (SE6b)


In 1980 the SE6B was introduced.  Ford had withdrawn the aging V6 Essex engine and had replaced it with the German built 2.8 litre cologne engine.  Due to the lower torque on the cologne engine, Reliant had to change the rear axle with a lower ratio to compensate for the lack of performance.

The GTE is a successful combination of performance and practicality for both business and social needs.  There were now electric mirrors and intermittent wipers, rubber door strips fitted, seatbelt warning light, halogen lights and rear fog lights warning light.  The interior had new coverings and colours including black, chocolate or mushroom.  The luggage space is a good 20 cubic feet, but with both the individual rear seats folded down, this would increase to 40 cubic feet! 

The badging on the front of the car was now just a Scimitar shield fitted to the dummy grill.  There was also an option to have an electric sunroof fitted.  There were approx. 437 produced.

From 1981 SE6b's were made using a galvanised chassis to ensure the longevity of these wonderful cars.


ENGINE (Cologne)
Cylinders, Capacity V6, 2792cc
Bore x Stroke 93 x 68.5mm
Valve Gear Pushrods
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Fuel System Single twin choke carburettor
Power/RPM 135bhp/5200
Torque/RPM 152lbft/3000


Gear Ratios (Auto) 1.0, 1.47 and 2.47:1
Final Drive Hypoid/3.45:1


Steering: Power Assisted Rack and pinion


Brakes: Servo-assisted Disc front, drum rear
Front Ind. double wishbones, anti-roll bar
Rear Trailing arms, Watts linkage
Wheelbase: 103.8in
Front Track: 58.1 in.
Rear Track: 56.1 in.
Overall Width: 67.75 in.
Overall Length: 174.5 in.
Weight 3700 lbs.


0-30 (mph): 4.4 sec.
0-50 (mph): 8.4 sec.
0-60 (mph): 11.6 sec.
0-80 (mph): 20.7 sec.
Standing 400 metres: 18.1s 
Top Speed: 116 mph
Fuel Consumption Test: 24 mpg.
Average Consumption: 28.7 mpg.