Reliant Scimitar GTC

Code Name (SE8b) 


In 1978, Reliant started working on a prototype convertible Scimitar, based on the design of the Triumph Stag.  The soft top was farmed out to the Coventry Hood Company, who used highest quality German Happich material instead of cheaper vinyl which was traditionally used in most two seater sports cars.  The seating was the same as a normal GTE, which meant that the rear seats could be folded down so larger items could be put into the boot.

It was 1980 before the Scimitar GTC was sold to the public. Although an option, most GTC's were fitted with Wolfrace wheels, power steering, electric windows, electric aerial and people had to ask for the power steering to be removed to reduce the price.  This car was termed the SE8b and was available for 11,360. The Scimitar was good value for money and was compared with the Mercedes 280SL, which was 6,000 dearer.

Optional extras included a hardtop fitted with rear screen heater. Production of the GTC finally halted in November 1986, with only 442 being built.  

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ENGINE (Cologne)
Cylinders, Capacity V6, 2792cc
Bore x Stroke 93 x 68.5mm
Valve Gear Pushrods
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Fuel System Single twin choke carburettor
Power/RPM 135bhp/5200
Torque/RPM 152lbft/3000


Gear Ratios (Auto) 1.0, 1.47 and 2.47:1
Final Drive Hypoid/3.45:1


Steering: Power Assisted Rack and pinion


Brakes: Servo-assisted Disc front, drum rear
Front Ind. double wishbones, anti-roll bar
Rear Trailing arms, Watts linkage
Wheelbase: 103.8in
Front Track: 58.1 in.
Rear Track: 56.1 in.
Overall Width: 67.75 in.
Overall Length: 174.5 in.
Weight 3700 lbs.
Boot 7.2 cu ft.


0-30 (mph): 4.4 sec.
0-50 (mph): 8.4 sec.
0-60 (mph): 11.6 sec.
0-80 (mph): 20.7 sec.
Standing 400 metres: 18.1s 
Top Speed: 116 mph
Fuel Consumption Test: 24 mpg.
Average Consumption: 28.7 mpg.