Scimitar GTE Gallery

SE5 series

If you would like to see your car featured here, then please send me picture/s atleast 1024 x 768 pixels for best results.



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Above: Ben Faulkner's first Scimitar project.  A 1975 Scimitar GTE SE5a



NeilWorth6.jpg.jpg (240898 bytes)  NeilWorth7.jpg.jpg (243744 bytes)  NeilWorth8.jpg.jpg (250623 bytes)  NeilWorth9.jpg.jpg (161133 bytes)

Above: Neil has done a wonderful job restoring the chassis.  He has also rebuilt the engine, gearbox, axle, brakes/hubs etc.  He was also lucky to find a brand new dash to fit his dials into.  Well done Neil, keep up the good work!!


NeilChass1.JPG (150620 bytes)  NeilChass2.JPG (149070 bytes)

Above: With the body removed Neil finds more trouble with the chassis....tin worm!


NeilWorth3.jpg (144643 bytes)  NeilWorth4.jpg (161877 bytes)  NeilWorth5.jpg (167506 bytes)

Above: With help from family and friends Neil successfully managed to remove the Scimitar body shell to evaluate the chassis.

NeilWorth1.jpg (552594 bytes)  NeilWorth2.jpg (465597 bytes)

Above: Neil Worth's Scimitar GTE is currently undergoing restoration



Steve_Oakes_2.jpg (246125 bytes)  Steve_Oakes.jpg (217749 bytes)  Steve_Oakes_8.jpg (236633 bytes)  Steve_Oakes_6.jpg (219316 bytes)  Steve_Oakes_3.jpg (229777 bytes)

Steve_Oakes_4.jpg (143218 bytes)  Steve_Oakes_7.jpg (217498 bytes)  Steve_Oakes_5.jpg (218939 bytes)

Above: Steve Oakes's very nice 1971 Scimitar GTE SE5a



paulstocks.jpg (238104 bytes)  paulstocks_2.jpg (294238 bytes)

Above: Paul Stocks has finally got himself a Scimitar after waiting 20 years.  It's a 1972 Scimitar GTE SE5a.  (Happy Scimotoring  Paul!)



RichardMcArthur.JPG (149847 bytes)  RichardMcArthur_b.JPG (224523 bytes)  RichardMcArthur_c.JPG (165231 bytes)

Above: Richard McArthur's daily transport is a 1975 Scimitar GTE SE5a



JimPace_1.jpg (121458 bytes)  JimPace_2.jpg (155860 bytes)  JimPace_3.jpg (144678 bytes)  JimPace_4.jpg (169669 bytes)  JimPace_5.jpg (85199 bytes)  JimPace_6.jpg (83273 bytes)

Above: Jim Pace's lovely Scimitar GTE SE5a



JohnWood_a.jpg (137376 bytes)  JohnWood_b.jpg (123819 bytes)  JohnWood_c.jpg (23628 bytes)  JohnWood_d.jpg (25236 bytes)

Above: John Wood recently sent these photos to show some of the work he has done on his car since rescuing it and a couple of the upgrades he has purchased!

JohnWood.jpg (120224 bytes)    JohnWood2.jpg (99118 bytes)    JohnWood3.jpg (94135 bytes)    JohnWood4.jpg (63089 bytes)

Above: John Wood rescued this 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5a from a farm and is currently restoring it to its former glory.  I look forward to see it when it is finished.



JulianRogers2.jpg (100737 bytes)  JulianRogers6.jpg (94820 bytes)  JulianRogers3.jpg (70732 bytes)  JulianRogers4.jpg (71242 bytes)  JulianRogers5.jpg (81153 bytes)  JulianRogers7.jpg (105753 bytes)

Above: Julian Rogers retro ride!  A 1974 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a. 



Louis1.jpg (185878 bytes)  Louis2.jpg (198054 bytes)  Louis3.jpg (202831 bytes)  Louis4.jpg (145880 bytes)

Above: Louis Whelan's very tidy 1972 Scimitar GTE SE5a



JohnWarren.jpg (86779 bytes)  JohnWarren2.jpg (80949 bytes)  JohnWarren3.jpg (100098 bytes)

Above: John Warren's 1974 Scimitar GTE SE5a



Nick Forster.jpg (53484 bytes)  NickForster3.jpg (92082 bytes)  NickForster4.jpg (106639 bytes)  NickForster6.jpg (114534 bytes)  NickForster8.jpg (148709 bytes)

Above: Nick Forster's Scimitar GTE SE5a, Before and After!  

See pictures of Nick in action in the Hillclimb/Sprint Gallery



Barry4.JPG (419302 bytes)  Barry2.JPG (483366 bytes)  Barry5.JPG (399329 bytes)  Barry10.JPG (480501 bytes)  Barry3.JPG (430884 bytes)  Barry9.JPG (522671 bytes)

Barry6.JPG (378128 bytes)  Barry7.JPG (284615 bytes)  Barry.JPG (322680 bytes)  Barry1.JPG (266171 bytes)  Barry8.JPG (458001 bytes)

Above: Barry (Redline) Hollingsworth's 1970 Scimitar GTE.  Back on the road after an engine rebuild and suspension overhaul.



TomNorman_3.jpg (496604 bytes)   TomNorman_1.jpg (400409 bytes)   TomNorman_2.jpg (405532 bytes)

   Above: Tom Norman's superb 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5a



PhilHoward2.jpg (580458 bytes)   PhilHoward3.jpg (560811 bytes)   PhilHoward5.jpg (573256 bytes)   PhilHoward.jpg (564256 bytes)   PhilHoward4.jpg (594516 bytes)   PhilHoward6.jpg (645901 bytes)   PhilHoward7.jpg (621562 bytes)

Above: Phil Howard's Scimitar GTE SE5a



al3.jpg (63496 bytes)  al1.jpg (50285 bytes)  al2.jpg (49784 bytes)  al4.jpg (35735 bytes)  al6.jpg (41588 bytes)  al7.jpg (40151 bytes)

Above: Al and Charlene's Scimitar GTE SE5



IanFazakerley.jpg (75201 bytes)

Above: Ian Fazakerley's 1974 Scimitar GTE SE5a



CarlLangridge1.jpg (190084 bytes)   CarlLangridge2.jpg (157857 bytes)

Above: Carl Langridge's Scimitar GTE SE5



Scimitar in museum.jpg (293750 bytes)

Above: Scimitar in Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Istanbul



Matt Greenly.jpg (48716 bytes)

Above: Matt Greenly's Scimitar GTE SE5a



JohnParker.jpg (75549 bytes)

Above:  John Parker's Scimitar SE5



Ian Houghton.JPG (176583 bytes) Ian Houghton2.JPG (179387 bytes)

Above: Ian Houghton's Scimitar GTE SE5a



Garycox3.jpg (61748 bytes) Garycox1.jpg (61057 bytes)

Above: Garry Cox's immaculate road and track Scimitar GTE




DonRoss2.jpg (80514 bytes)   DonRoss1.jpg (51681 bytes)

Above: Don Ross's V8 Scimitar






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