Scimitar SS1 Gallery

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Bill Crawford's SS1 undergoing a refurb


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1) Odd Bits During Re-furb
2) Tank Half Through Sandblasting
3) Rustbuster tank Sealer using Left Overs To Double Coat The Ends
4) Rustbuster with outside fimished in Epoxy-Mastic
5) Rustbuster Epoxy-Mastic After rebuilding Rear Armature
6) Upper Wishbones - Strengthened


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Above: Mark and Sue Cropper's 1988 immaculate Nissan powered Scimitar SS1 1800Ti



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Above: Phil Howard's 1984 ex-Motor Show Reliant Scimitar SS1 1300.

The car had been in a garage for the last 10 years and Phil rescued it back in June 08.  It's the first production Reliant Scimitar SS1 and was also at the 1984 Motor Show.  It has done less than 26,000 miles since new and is still in the original colour 'Porsche pearl metallic'.

SS1_Mshow2.jpg (372472 bytes)

Above: Here it is at the 1984 Motor Show



JohnHughes_2.jpg (115569 bytes)  JohnHughes.jpg (90948 bytes)

Above: John Hughes's 1986 Scimitar SS1 1600



SteveOakes2.jpg (133406 bytes)  SteveOakes8.jpg (133938 bytes)  SteveOakes7.jpg (130670 bytes)  SteveOakes9.jpg (119125 bytes)  SteveOakes4.jpg (152252 bytes)  SteveOakes5.jpg (170982 bytes)  SteveOakes10.jpg (150566 bytes)

Above: Steve Oakes's 1985 Scimitar SS1 1600



PaulMaddison1.jpg (136267 bytes)  PaulMaddison2.jpg (127906 bytes)  PaulMaddison3.jpg (118616 bytes)  PaulMaddison4.jpg (118075 bytes)

Above: Paul Maddison's 1989 Reliant Scimitar SS1 1800ti road/sprint car



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Above: Dave Stanley's superb Reliant Scimitar SS1 known at "Kirsty".

This car was totally rebuilt by the previous owner Bill Sims who did a superb video of the rebuild.  This very informative 120 minute video can be bought on DVD from Bill Sims:  

Click HERE to  see details



robSS1a.jpg (139101 bytes)  robSS1b.jpg (156514 bytes)  robSS1c.jpg (176308 bytes)  robSS1d.jpg (141312 bytes)

Above: Rob Kastner's Scimitar SS1 is the only 1400cc model in Ireland.




NeilStevenson1.jpg (489193 bytes)  NeilStevenson3.jpg (494937 bytes)  NeilStevenson4.jpg (462421 bytes)  NeilStevenson2.jpg (534013 bytes)  NeilStevenson5.jpg (448488 bytes)

Above: Neil Stevenson's Scimitar SS1 fitted with Mazda MX5 seats.  

Neil added the vinyl logos ready for his trip to Le Mans.



PaulWilsonSS1.jpg (207280 bytes)   PaulWilsonSS1c.jpg (195522 bytes)   PaulWilsonSS1b.jpg (197943 bytes)   PaulWilsonSS1e.jpg (180680 bytes)

Above: Paul Wilson's Scimitar SS1 1600



freemanstable.jpg (62965 bytes)

Above: Peter and Glynis Freeman's impressive collection of Scimitars, which include a Scimitar GT, V8 Scimitar GTE, SS1 1400cc,  SS1 1800ti, SST 1800ti and a Scimitar Sabre 1800ti.



sue5.JPG (104790 bytes)  sue.JPG (70738 bytes)  sue2.JPG (59911 bytes)  sue3.JPG (72335 bytes)  sue4.JPG (64129 bytes)  sue6.JPG (51326 bytes)

Above: Sue and Mark's Scimitar SS1- 1600 at Sandwell Valley Historic Vehicle Show 2005



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JohnUnwin6.jpg (160237 bytes)   JohnUnwin4.jpg (102736 bytes)

Above: John Unwin and his family have a superb collection of Scimitar SS1's



Dave Salter1.jpg (111012 bytes)   dave salter2.jpg (107370 bytes)   dave salter3.jpg (99098 bytes)

Above: David Salter's 1600 SS1 with a great registration! 



mark stephens ss1-2.jpg (62923 bytes)   mark stephens ss1-1.jpg (47117 bytes)   mark stephens ss1-4.jpg (56999 bytes)   mark stephens ss1-5.jpg (58511 bytes)   mark stephens ss1-3.jpg (51435 bytes)

Above: Mark Stephen's fine Scimitar SS1 shown with and without optional hardtop



andy sherrif 1800ti.jpg (121176 bytes)

Above: Andy Sherrif's Scimitar SS1 1800ti



Phil Wormald2.jpg (149964 bytes)   Phil Wormald.jpg (137813 bytes)

 Above: Phil Wormald's Scimitar SS1 1600 

See Phil's restoration website



Peter Silcock.jpg (226722 bytes)   Peter Silcock2.jpg (275946 bytes)

 Above: Peter Silcock's mean looking SS1 (with his Scimitar Sabre).






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