Apart from hundreds of magazine articles, press photo's and brochures here are some other items I have in my collection.


characature.jpg (58687 bytes) A caricature of my very own Scimitar painted by David Hollingsworth 
Scimitar_Painting.jpg (361932 bytes)

My Scimitar painted by artist 'Lucy Harris'.  Email Lucy for a painting of your own car:

cipher poster.JPG (71660 bytes) An original poster advertising Tony Stevens wonderful "Cipher" sports car.  Tony approached Reliant to build his design and actually did some. Visit prototypes 
sabre 4 artwork.JPG (70065 bytes) Original ink drawing for the Reliant Sabre four.  This is the actual cutaway drawing signed by S. E. Porter, which was used in Motor magazine to accompany their road test and specifications. 
ss1 poster.JPG (59916 bytes) Scimitar SS1 poster.


Reliant_Cloth_Badge2.JPG (120189 bytes) Reliant Cloth Badge.
Reliant cloth badge.jpg (44595 bytes) Reliant Cloth badge
SS1_Stickers.JPG (136487 bytes) SS1_Stickers2.JPG (167713 bytes) Scimitar SS1 Sticker sheet.
car transfers.JPG (72743 bytes) Burmah Magic Transfers.  This transfer sheet includes some 70's motors including the rear view of a Scimitar GTE.
reliant registration.JPG (35562 bytes) Reliant registration plate was used on cars at various motor shows. 
RSSOC bumper badge.JPG (65659 bytes) RSSOC  badge2.JPG (56055 bytes) Early Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club metal bumper badges.
ogle design badge.JPG (60472 bytes) An Ogle Design pin badge from the seventies?
sabre six badge.JPG (71399 bytes) Reliant Sabre Six rear badges.  Probably the closest I'll get to owning a Sabre Six!!


Sabre_Parts.jpg (674903 bytes)

Reliant Sabre 4 Spare Parts Manual

sabre four manual.JPG (76755 bytes) sabre 4 manual open.JPG (69354 bytes) Reliant Sabre Four workshop manual. 
Cipherman1.JPG (58560 bytes) Cipherman2.jpg (109247 bytes) Stevens/Reliant Cipher parts manual, with some hand written development notes by Reliant.

Collectors Cards

SS1xmas_card.jpg (75627 bytes) SS1xmas_card2.jpg (31804 bytes) Christmas Card from Reliant Motor p.l.c. signed by Ritchie Spencer.
Sabre_Xmascard.jpg (45689 bytes) Sabre_Xmascard2.jpg (31182 bytes) Sabre_Xmascard3.jpg (22227 bytes) Christmas Card from Reliant Motors Ltd, when owned by Beans Industries Ltd.  Signed by Brian Seaby and Lou O'Toole.
sx250 card.jpg (171308 bytes) sx250b card.jpg (54511 bytes) Ogle SX250 card from a set of 25 cards from the "World of Fast Cars".  Not sure how old this card is, but it originally came from a cereal packet from New Zealand 
sabre cardF.jpg (19398 bytes) sabre cardB.jpg (18998 bytes) Sabre Six collector card issued by Barratt & Co Ltd from a set called Cars of the World.  This is No.34 of 50 and were available in 1971/2
oglesx250 card.jpg (28008 bytes)  German version of the Top Trumps Card game, featuring the Ogle SX250.
sabre6 card.jpg (27394 bytes) German version of the Top Trumps Card game, featuring the Reliant Sabre 6.
sabre6 cigarF.jpg (41526 bytes) sabre6 cigarB.jpg (69733 bytes) This Sabre 6 collectors card come from a set of Classic Sports Cars cards from Castella Cigars from approx 1998
sabre6 spanF.jpg (55425 bytes) sabre6 spanB.jpg (26643 bytes) This long nose Sabre six collectors card came from Spain.  Its dated 1972.
GTE_Card.JPG (110755 bytes) Scimitar GTE collectors card.
scimitar collector stamp.JPG (95132 bytes) Collectors car stamp, featuring Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5.


large light box.JPG (60082 bytes) Large Reliant double sided dealer light box.
small light box.JPG (43910 bytes) small light box2.JPG (39585 bytes) Reliant Parts and Accessories dealer light box.
scimitar sign.JPG (119150 bytes) Large Scimitar Shield ex-dealer sign

Other Reliant Collectables

TyreGauge2.JPG (88174 bytes) TyreGauge.JPG (132625 bytes) Reliant Tyre pressure and tread gauge.
ScimStamp.JPG (797127 bytes)  ScimitarPrint.jpg (335007 bytes) Photogravure image of a GTE issued for use in printing advertisements in papers and magazines.

The image was used by the Chequered Flag car dealers and was printed in October 1969 in the Motorsport magazine.

Sabremag.jpg (35824 bytes) This very rare Sabra Sport fridge magnet from the early seventies came from America.
race program.JPG (72342 bytes) Race Meeting Program from 1963 at Silverstone, featuring Reliant Sabre Six on front cover.  Also lists Mr.D.Robertson's Reliant Sabre in the GT cars of 1150cc and over.
reliant f1 pocket book.JPG (80969 bytes) reliant f2 book 2.JPG (92377 bytes) Reliant were sponsors of this pocket Formula 1 motor racing book and featured the Reliant logo on the front and back of book.  It also has a full page colour advert of the Scimitar Sabre inside the front cover.
reliant paperweight.JPG (53651 bytes) A paperweight with the Reliant logo etched in glass.  
reliant review.JPG (75254 bytes) reliant review folder.JPG (86711 bytes) Reliant Reviews.  These newspaper articles were first launched in October 1963.  They feature many articles about the Reliant Motor Company and Reliant owners whether 3 or 4 wheelers.  I have about 40 of the 100 produced, so let me know if you have any spares :o)
scim dust & polish.JPG (73832 bytes) Scimitar duster and Scimitar polish actually produced by the Reliant Motor Company.
scimitar ss1 bag.JPG (60960 bytes) Scimitar SS1 hold all bag.  
umbrella.JPG (60646 bytes) Reliant logo golfing umbrella.
Cabinet.JPG (68049 bytes) My display cabinet, full of various Reliant badges, logos, models etc.


 Reliant Memorabilia, mainly for Reliant sports cars and prototypes. Sabra, Sabre, Scimitar GT's, GTE's, GTC's, SS1, SST, SS2, Cipher, FW11. anything Ogle or Otosan/Autocars. Any press photos or photo slides, brochures, magazine articles, early "Slice" magazines or "Drivers Club magazines", Reliant video/film footage, badges, signs, scale models, artwork, Reliant Review Newspapers or anything else of interest considered. 


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