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The Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Owners Club "GTE" Buyers Guide

Enthusiasts Websites

Chris Johnson's French website dedicated to the Reliant Scimitar and Sabre.

Enthusiasts website/blog about his 1989 Scimitar 1800Ti in France

Enthusiasts website/blog about his Scimitar 1800Ti restoration in Australia

Dave Poole's Scimitar and Sabre Video channel on Youtube.

Currently 79 clips!!

Phil Andrew's website dedicated to the Scimitar SS1

David Hawksworth's excellent website about the Scimitar GTE and GTC range

Steve Cork's very informative website dedicated to the Scimitar GTC

Bodger Ben website about his wifes Scimitar GTE SE6a which is currently being fitted with a V8 

Matt Greenly's superb website about the Scimitar GT (Coupe).  A great resource for the original Scimitar Grand Torismo

Matt Greenly's website about his Scimitar GTE and his Reliant FW9 prototype restoration project.

See Phil's pictures of his Scimitar GTE SE6a

Mick Gaughran's excellent website dedicated to the Middlebridge Scimitar.  If you own or know of a Middlebridge Scimitar then I am sure that Mick would like to hear from you!

Superb website for Scimitar owners in Australia!

Follow Julian Rogers online restoration diary and see the improvements he is making to his Scimitar GTE and look at some of his other interesting projects!

Nigel Warner's SE5a Restoration Site

Graham Pike - Composer / Musical Director / Producer for TV & Theatre is very much a Reliant fan and likes to have fun in his Middlebridge Scimitar and Scimitar Sabre.

Steven Cork's website about his Scimitar GTC

Phil Howard's SS1 Turbo Site: Here you'll find information about Reliants' "Pocket Rockets". Turbocharged Scimitar SS1's, both the factory 1800Ti, and Phil's 1600 turbo.

 Erik Hofmans Excellent Website about all the Reliant cars.

See his clothing and accessories available with the Scimitar logo

The excellent Sabra Sports Car Owners Site in Belgium

Don Kennedy's website.  Although Don has since sold his Scimitar he has very kindly let the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club host his website as it is a great resource for Scimitar GTE information.

See Tony & Jaki Heaths Reliant Sabres (I am very jealous!)

Phil Wormald's Fantastic comprehensive restoration details of his SS1

Just about everything you'll need to know!!

See artist Robert Brandy's Sabre Six's and his other super collections!!

Follow Chris Barker's (Toolman) restoration of his Scimitar GTE (SE5a)

Also the home of the Chesterfield Noggin (pub meet)

Sam Lorenzelli's V8 Conversion Site.  Fancy doing a V8 conversion on your Scimitar?   See lots of Scimitars which have already been done!!  Lots of great information! 

Brain Radford's excellent website.. The source of all the Reliant cars online.

  Noggin Websites      

Q:  What's a Noggin?

A:  A Noggin is basically a pub meet where Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club members organise there own local area monthly   get together.

The Halesowen/Midlands Noggin

The Halesowen Noggin covers all the West Midlands area and are quite an active Noggin, who often attend most local area shows and events.  Their pub meet is held on the 1st Monday of every month at the Sunn Inn, Bromsgrove Road, Romsley, Halesowen B62 OLA.

The High Peak Noggin

The High Peak Area Group in general terms covers the area south of Manchester, NE Cheshire, and north Derbyshire.  They meet at The Olde Pack Horse public house in Chapel-en-le-Frith on the first Tuesday of every month.

The Leicestershire Noggin

The Leicestershire Noggin meets at The Crown, Anstey, on the first Wednesday of each month. We can normally be found at the far end of the bar from the entrance.

The South Wales Noggin

The South Wales Noggin meet on the last Tuesday of each month, around 8pm at The Bear Hotel, Cowbridge, just between Cardiff and Bridgend off the A48. You're guaranteed a warm welcome and a friendly natter, see you there.

The Wirral Noggin

The Wirral Noggin meet on the third Tuesday of each month at around 8pm at the Hinderton Arms, on the A540 in Neston.


Discussion Groups/Forums

The fantastic Scimitar Forum run by the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club for all your advice on buying, owning and repairing a Scimitar or Sabre!!

The Scimitar information and discussion group for Reliant Scimitar enthusiasts

The Sabre information and discussion group Reliant Sabre enthusiasts

A friendly and useful forum that features all the Reliant cars and dirivatives.

Spares/Dealers/Service/Repairs Websites

The Scimitar Main Dealer: Scimitar Spares, Servicing, Dealer

Graham Walker 
28 Bumpers Lane
Sealand Industrial Estate

Tel: 01244 381777

Scimitar spares, servicing and main dealer

Queensberry Road Garage
28 - 32 Queensberry Road
NN15 7HL

Tel: 01536 518319

Iain Daniels Classic Motorsports

Repairs, servicing, race car preparation and more!!

Iain Daniels Classic Car Engineering
Unit 17, Barns Heath Farm
Snarestone Road
Appleby Magna
DE12 7AJ
Tel: 01530 515300



BH Classics Limited

Glassfibre specialist - 30 years experience working on Sabres and Scimitar! 

from gel cracks/star cracks to full body restoration!!

Barry Herber
Tel: (Norfolk) 01953 454589

Club Websites

Reliant Sabre
Scimitar Owners Club

  Main Website:

Discussion Forum:

Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club

Club Secretary,
PO Box 67

Tel: 01189 540725

The biggest and best club for all you Scimitar and Sabre needs!!


Reliant Owners Club

The club for all Reliant cars including 3 and 4 wheelers big or small

The Birmingham branch of the Reliant Owners Club for all Reliant enthusiasts in the Midlands.


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