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November 20th 2005

  Pictures taken at Coombe Abbey at 5pm... Dark miserable foggy night!!

Scimitar_1.JPG (242614 bytes)   Scimitar_2.JPG (191847 bytes)   Scimitar_3.JPG (191167 bytes)   Scimitar_4.JPG (275235 bytes)   Scimitar_5.JPG (270392 bytes)   Scimitar_6.JPG (217236 bytes)

Scimitar_7.JPG (228151 bytes)   Scimitar_8.JPG (305981 bytes)   Scimitar_9.JPG (238609 bytes)   Scimitar_10.JPG (232780 bytes)   Scimitar_11.JPG (329205 bytes)   Scimitar_12.JPG (254817 bytes)   Scimitar_13.JPG (227335 bytes)



October 14th 2005

Stratford Caravan Weekend...and drag race!!

CarVan4.jpg (126971 bytes)   CarVan3.jpg (111273 bytes)   CarVan2.jpg (158597 bytes)   CarVan.jpg (167004 bytes)

InsideVan.jpg (143813 bytes)   InsideVan2.jpg (92477 bytes)   InsideVan3.jpg (107913 bytes)

October 15th

My nice relaxing caravan weekend ends up as a drag race at Shakespeare County Raceway (Run What Ya Brung Weekend)

Dave_LongMarston3.JPG (117348 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston.jpg (106102 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston2.jpg (81321 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston4.jpg (127494 bytes)

Dave_LongMarston10.jpg (122182 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston7.jpg (127796 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston9.jpg (128355 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston8.jpg (124918 bytes)

Dave_LongMarston5.jpg (93180 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston11.jpg (124959 bytes)   Dave_LongMarston6.jpg (86715 bytes)

Dave_LongMarston12.JPG (254659 bytes)   ShakespeareAdvert.jpg (71074 bytes)   ShakespeareResult.jpg (49923 bytes) Result

My fastest time was 17.44 seconds for the 1/4 mile run, not too bad for a 36 year old car ;o)

Great fun and very well organised, well worth 15 quid for as many runs as you like!



June 19th 2005  

A Visit to Donington Park

dave@donnington.jpg (119684 bytes)   dave@donnington2.jpg (121173 bytes)



June 2005

Fitted a set of 15 x 7 Wolfrace wheels to replace my 14 x 6 Wolfraces.  The front wheels required spacers, but luckily they came with the set of wheels I bought.  I treated myself to a new set of Avon ZV3 lower profile 205 x 50 x 15" tyres.

15 Wolfrace.JPG (147223 bytes)   Wheels sizes.JPG (86486 bytes)   Clean Wolfrace.JPG (755906 bytes)

Fitted Wheels.JPG (129406 bytes)   scimitar1.JPG (136471 bytes)   scimitar2.JPG (129516 bytes)   scimitar3.JPG (151214 bytes)



June 2005

Discovery of chassis number etched in chassis, I was pleased to find it still matched my chassis plate number!  The number will be stamped on the flat of the upright underneath the top cross member.  It can be difficult to see, as it is normally covered in paint.  Scrape off the paint, then use wire wool to clean the area.

Chassis Number Location

chassisno4.jpg (115828 bytes)    chassisno3.jpg (397921 bytes)    chassisno1.jpg (85884 bytes)    chassisno2.jpg (87240 bytes)  

chassis.jpg (33412 bytes) Diagram of SE5 Chassis.       chassisplate.JPG (100123 bytes) Chassis Plate.



June 2005

Fitted new inner and outer wheel bearings (Bearing kit from Graham Walkers).

w_bearing.JPG (110822 bytes)



June 2005

Due to excess play in the steering I fitted a recon steering rack and new track rod ends.

steerrack.JPG (143764 bytes)



May 2005

Another camping adventure in Tissington.

scimitar gte.JPG (138166 bytes)   Scimitar SE5.JPG (733004 bytes)




April 2005

A much needed break in Stratford camping.

scimitar.JPG (436288 bytes)



February 2005

A scattering of snow covers my Scimitar.

Snow.JPG (369805 bytes)



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