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8th October 2006

I thought I would do a photo shoot of my Scimitar around some of Coventrys historic buildings in the city centre including the old Coventry Cathedral, Council House, Tourist Information Board etc.  The Scimitar is running well, I have covered just over 1,000 since the engine rebuild.  One of my front shock absorbers has started leaking, so that will be my next job!

Scim_13.JPG (147347 bytes)  Scim_21.JPG (174955 bytes)  Scim_1.JPG (256415 bytes)  Scim_26.JPG (182598 bytes)  Scim_12.JPG (174478 bytes)  Scim_16.JPG (170479 bytes)  Scim_18.JPG (156099 bytes)

Scim_15.JPG (142447 bytes)  Scim_9.JPG (179768 bytes)  Scim_20.JPG (176009 bytes)  Scim_4.JPG (181072 bytes)  Scim_22.JPG (159438 bytes)  Scim_10.JPG (156334 bytes)  Scim_24.JPG (167472 bytes)

Scim_23.JPG (159208 bytes)  Scim_3.JPG (183867 bytes)  Scim_11.JPG (154326 bytes)  Scim_6.JPG (183149 bytes)  Scim_7.JPG (186001 bytes)  Scim_5.JPG (185694 bytes)  Scim_8.JPG (170339 bytes)

Scim_17.JPG (153727 bytes)  Scim_2.JPG (175093 bytes)  Scim_25.JPG (190789 bytes)  



3rd September 2006

Scimitar on display at the Coventry Festival of Motoring  

CovRun2.JPG (603176 bytes)  CovRun10.JPG (430550 bytes)  CovRun1.JPG (480930 bytes)  CovRun3.JPG (541180 bytes)  CovRun9.JPG (494586 bytes)

CovRun6.JPG (508975 bytes)  CovRun7.JPG (530865 bytes)  CovRun8.JPG (513897 bytes)  

Glorious sunshine greeted us as we gathered at the Coventry War Memorial Park ready for our 60 mile tour of stunning countryside around Coventry and North Warwickshire.



26th/27/28th August 2006

Scimitar on display at the Town and Country Festival at Stoneleigh

TC1.JPG (487025 bytes) Car polished ready for the event

TC2.JPG (464690 bytes)  TC7.JPG (462403 bytes)  The scimitar lines up in front of my dads 1967 Mk2 Lotus Cortina

TC3.JPG (453647 bytes)  A magnificent Lancaster Bomber flies overhead

TC4.JPG (600810 bytes)  TC5.JPG (537350 bytes)  TC6.JPG (518254 bytes)  My Scimitar on display 

For more pictures of Scimitars at the Town and Country Festival 2006 visit:

I am pleased to say that my Scimitar has covered just over 680 miles since the engine rebuild and all is going well.



22nd June 2006

A huge "THANKS"  to:

Barry, Dave and Carl Hollingsworth for all the help with getting my Scimitar back on the road!!

Car2.JPG (161012 bytes)  Hooray, after a lot of hard work the Scimitar is finally back on the road.

GearboxRight.JPG (131642 bytes)  After putting right our deliberate mistake , the gearbox was checked to make sure I had all the gears before refitting.

GearboxWrong.JPG (132632 bytes)  Oh bugger!!  Once the gearbox was back out we took the top off to investigate why we could only select third and forth.  We found that one of the gates on the selectors was fitted in wrong!!

Car1.JPG (131614 bytes)  ReconnectPropshaft.jpg (129299 bytes)The car was placed on stands and the engine was started for the first time.  After initial problems with the timing, it fired up quite quickly.  We checked for oil/water leaks etc.  Checked gears and to my horror we could only get third and forth gears!!  Gearbox had to be removed again and checked.  Luckily on the SE5 you can remove the gearbox from the bellhousing leaving it connected to the engine.

Engineh.JPG (155403 bytes)  Engineg.JPG (169739 bytes)  All ancillaries and pipe work refitted.

Enginee.JPG (129121 bytes)  Enginef.JPG (129043 bytes)  Rebuilt engine now fitted and tubular exhaust manifold refitted.

ClutchAlign.JPG (130362 bytes)  New clutch is fitted and aligned using a spare input shaft from my old gearbox.

Clutch.JPG (146020 bytes)  A new three piece clutch was ordered from Graham Walkers.  I originally acquired a clutch from an SE5a, but soon found that the clutch pressure plate did not fit the SE5 flywheel as the PCD is different. 

Gearbox.JPG (124966 bytes)  My Laycock LH type overdrive was fully reconditioned by Dave Twigger from Overdrive Spares in Rugby, before I refitted it to the rebuilt gearbox. 

Gearbox2.JPG (129256 bytes)  Gearbox was totally stripped down.  Worn syncro and 3rd/4th gear selector were replaced.



11th June 2006

Engined.JPG (162791 bytes)  Heads Fitted and torqued.  Valve clearance set to 0.41mm/16 thou as per setting for V63 cam.

Enginec.JPG (146901 bytes)  Flywheel fitted

Enginea.JPG (152014 bytes)   Engineb.JPG (129881 bytes)  Sump, steel timing gear and cover fitted

Dipstick1.JPG (136941 bytes)  Dipstick2.JPG (121709 bytes)  Dipstick3.JPG (128824 bytes)  Dipstick4.JPG (133554 bytes)  The engine I used was from an SE5a.  There are a few differences including where the dipstick is located.  My Se5 has the dipstick located at the front, through the timing gear cover, therefore I had to remove the SE5a dipstick tube (which is located on the side of the engine block) and plug the hole using a cut down bolt, which was then press fitted

InletManifold.JPG (117260 bytes)  Inlet Manifold cleaned and ported

Head.JPG (122056 bytes)  Heads.JPG (130330 bytes)  Ports polished and valve seats cut

Payen.JPG (138408 bytes)  Bought a good quality set of Payen engine gaskets.

TimingWheels.JPG (128698 bytes)  TimimgWheel.JPG (198142 bytes)  The original Ford nylon toothed timing gears can be a week point on the Essex engine.  They can shred their teeth and cause disastrous results.  It is recommended that you replace your nylon gear with a steel timing gear.




June 2006

EngineRebuild.jpg (296604 bytes)

Above: Block was painted with two coats of black smoothrite before fitting the crank and pistons.

EngineBits2.JPG (263928 bytes)   EngineBits1.JPG (276139 bytes)

Above: Acquired +20 pistons, reground crank, uprated V63 camshaft, new piston rings, big end and main bearings and refaced flywheel.

EngineBlock.JPG (241679 bytes)

Above: Rebored engine block back from the machine shop and ready for painting.

Special thanks to Keith Carter from Coventry Classic Engines Ltd  



May 2006

Well the Scimitar is now off the road while I replace the worn engine and fit a new clutch.

The big end were worn and so was the crank.

  CarGarage.jpg (245567 bytes)   WornCrank.jpg (300022 bytes)   Crank1.jpg (212371 bytes)

Although the clutch plate looked fine the flywheel and clutch pressure plate were very worn and shiny

Flywheel.jpg (265438 bytes)   WornClutch.jpg (235782 bytes)

I had O-port heads and inlet manifold on my engine.  By using D-port heads you gain an extra 10 -15 bhp.  O-port heads were used on the SE5 engine (dipstick at the front) and D-ports were used on the SE5a (dipstick at the side).

Ports.jpg (287390 bytes)

Here is my spare set of D-port heads being stripped ready for reconditioning.

Valves.jpg (217418 bytes)   Heads1.jpg (228734 bytes)

My spare engine block is being Rebored by Coventry Classic Engines Ltd to +20.



April 2006

I am pleased to say that the Scimitar sailed through the its MOT!! 

StandardHoses.JPG (86851 bytes)   SiliconHoses.JPG (61079 bytes)   SiliconHoses2.JPG (95034 bytes)   SiliconHoses3.JPG (98815 bytes)

Once again I had to change the poor quality water hoses due to them cracking in less than a year, so I decided to get some Silicon Hoses made for the Scimitar.  I contacted SiliconHoses.Com to enquire about getting some made.  They were very helpful and before long they sent me a full set of prototype Silicon Hoses to try out on my Scimitar.  

I will let you all know how I get on with the new silicon hoses soon and will hopefully have a cost of a Silicon Hose kit for the Scimitar GTE SE5/5a.

Easter Bank Holiday April 2006

Waverton.JPG (410550 bytes)   NewBrighton.JPG (454454 bytes)   NewBrighton2.JPG (405613 bytes)   Scim&Sub.JPG (432804 bytes)

We went to Chester for a long week end over the Easter Bank Holiday.  We stayed at Birch Bank Farm Caravan and Campsite in Christleton.  On the Sunday the sun was shining, so I decided to drive to New Brighton Promenade and on the way back I stopped off at the east float docks in Birkenhead to see the historic warships, but it was closed.  I covered 330 miles in all without any problems.



March 2006

Ricoh (10).JPG (390145 bytes)   Ricoh (11).JPG (382786 bytes)   Ricoh (2).JPG (392100 bytes)   Ricoh (13).JPG (406123 bytes)   Ricoh (7).JPG (409058 bytes)   Ricoh (8).JPG (402754 bytes)   Ricoh (6).JPG (448939 bytes)

Ricoh (5).JPG (476910 bytes)   Ricoh (9).JPG (384767 bytes)   Ricoh (4).JPG (427325 bytes)

The Scimitar outside the new Coventry Ricoh Football Stadium 



March 2006

The Scimitar towed the caravan to the New Forest, the Scimitar covered 480 miles without any problems .

Daves_Scimitar (9).JPG (251162 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar (1).JPG (114337 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar (3).JPG (229214 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar (8).JPG (210772 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar (6).JPG (179723 bytes)

Daves_Scimitar (7).JPG (96369 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar (5).JPG (168001 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar.JPG (109525 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar (4).JPG (118902 bytes)   Daves_Scimitar (2).JPG (269504 bytes)

Even though it was very wet and windy until the day we were leaving, it was a fantastic week.  The Scimitar was great fun for driving around the country roads and I visited Lymington, Burley, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Sway, New Milton, Barton on Sea, Milford on Sea.  The only other Scimitar I spotted was parked in a garden on the way to Sammy Millers Motorcycle Museum.



February 2006

My Scimitar is still running well, but I decided to upgrade my caravan as it needed more work than I could do, plus I am going camping in the New Forest at the end of March, so I needed one that had hot and cold water, a shower and hot air heating so I treated myself to a 1992 Swift Corniche 15/2E caravan

Scimitar_Caravan.JPG (407160 bytes)  Scimitar_Caravan2.JPG (381703 bytes)

Although the caravan is much bigger than my Cheltenham caravan, it tows much better and is seems more stable.


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