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14th October 2007

I finally got to drive the Scimitar to the Ace Cafe in London for the "Essex Engine Tour/Meet". 

 It has been on my "Must Do" list for a long while.  The Scimitar went very well and covered 246 trouble free miles.  For more pictures of the Ace Cafe meet click here  

AceCafe1.jpg (156103 bytes)

Above:  Line up at Ace Cafe

AceCafe2.jpg (220985 bytes)

Above: One of the recent changes to my engine is my air filter.

  I have removed the sports K&N housing and reverted back to the original large pan air filter/housing .  I hope to buy a K&N filter for inside the pan air filter.  The engine doesn't suck in as much heat with the original style filters and seems to run crisper at the moment.



8th to 11th June 2007

Another long weekend away in the caravan near Breedon on the Hill Tonge gave me the opportunity to visit some superb local scenery:

Scim_Tonge5.JPG (96204 bytes)  Scim_Tonge1.JPG (141193 bytes)  Scim_Tonge2.JPG (139640 bytes)  Scim_Tonge3.JPG (139330 bytes)  Scim_Tonge4.JPG (127671 bytes)



18th to 20th May 2007

I decided to camp at the Gaydon Heritage Museum for the RSSOC Family Camping weekend, even though I only live about a half an hour drive away.  It worked out cheaper to stay there rather than drive there and back each day.

Gaydon1.jpg (152326 bytes)  Gaydon2.jpg (161079 bytes)  Gaydon13.jpg (114413 bytes)  Gaydon12.jpg (162068 bytes)

  A trip out on Saturday evening to the Burton Dassett Hills gave a good opportunity to take some arty photos of my Scimitar

Gaydon3.jpg (73240 bytes)  Gaydon10.jpg (72306 bytes)  Gaydon11.jpg (75137 bytes)  Gaydon4.jpg (83850 bytes)  Gaydon5.jpg (66547 bytes)  Gaydon7.jpg (68319 bytes)

Gaydon8.jpg (72406 bytes)  Gaydon9.jpg (72241 bytes)



6th to 10th April 2007

This was my first outing in the Scimitar towing my caravan since rebuilding the engine last year.  I went to Newton Grange caravan site just outside Ashbourne.  The Friday weather reports were very good and had promised a very hot weekend.  I had put spacers on the bonnet hinges to lift the bonnet slightly to help let some of the hot air out.  The Citroen BX fan did a sterling job at keeping the temperature down.  I was quite worried at first as I hadn't towed the caravan in almost a year and I wondered how the engine would perform with the V63 Kent Cam.  The result was that the car seemed to struggle to pull the caravan at low revs, you really had to get over at least 2000 rpm to get the caravan moving, however once it was moving it went very well and easily maintained the legal towing speeds of 50 to 60 mph.

I would like to put the Scimitar on the rolling road to get it set up properly.  I am guessing that with the V63 cam I have gained bhp but lost out on torque?

The only other slight problem was the clutch got a bit hot!  It was a brand new clutch, but because of the traffic queues getting into Ashbourne and then going up a steep hill I found that I had to ride the clutch rather than rely on the handbrake ;o)   

ScimAsh1.jpg (135995 bytes)

Above:  Just leaving for my adventure!

  ScimAsh2.jpg (202321 bytes)

Above:  Arrived safely at "Newton Grange" Caravan/Camping Site

ScimAsh15.jpg (131039 bytes)  ScimAsh25.jpg (116839 bytes)  ScimAsh14.jpg (392766 bytes)  ScimAsh21.jpg (106515 bytes)  ScimAsh6.jpg (140801 bytes)  ScimAsh4.jpg (116346 bytes)  ScimAsh13.jpg (165053 bytes)  ScimAsh12.jpg (220777 bytes)

ScimAsh24.jpg (138142 bytes)  ScimAsh27.jpg (141786 bytes)  ScimAsh16.jpg (129558 bytes)  ScimAsh20.jpg (112610 bytes)  ScimAsh19.jpg (120732 bytes)  ScimAsh30.jpg (132181 bytes)

ScimAsh17.jpg (198764 bytes)  ScimAsh18.jpg (190614 bytes)  ScimAsh22.jpg (156022 bytes)  ScimAsh23.jpg (100764 bytes)  ScimAsh5.jpg (114342 bytes)  ScimAsh29.jpg (180387 bytes)  ScimAsh28.jpg (139681 bytes)  ScimAsh8.jpg (196228 bytes)

ScimAsh26.jpg (108873 bytes)  ScimAsh10.jpg (211022 bytes)  ScimAsh7.jpg (135327 bytes)  ScimAsh9.jpg (94229 bytes)  ScimAsh11.jpg (140631 bytes)  ScimAsh31.jpg (192884 bytes)

Above:  Various shots of the car in and around Tissington

ScimAsh32.jpg (130540 bytes)

Above:  Old Signal box on the Tissington Trail

ScimAsh33.jpg (110246 bytes)

Above:  A visit to Hartington

ScimAsh34.jpg (81534 bytes)

Above:  A visit to the Cat & Fiddle Pub was cancelled due to poor weather

ScimAsh3.jpg (107925 bytes)

Above:  Back at the caravan storage site in one piece! I was very relieved to tow the caravan home without any further problems with the clutch.

Covered 380 miles 



20th March 2007

FanBelt.jpg (144704 bytes)

To be honest I haven't used the Scimitar much recently due to very limited funds, but one thing that almost got me into trouble was the fan belt.  Luckily I went to check the oil and water levels before going out and I noticed that the fan belt had started to shred and had turned upside down.  I fitted a new fan belt and all is ok again.


Scimitar_GTE.jpg (155669 bytes)   Scimitar_07.jpg (132825 bytes)

Saturday I had to use a bit of "Elbow Grease" to get the car looking clean again!



8th February 2007

Snow Alert!!

Snowy1.JPG (77589 bytes)  Snowy2.JPG (76616 bytes)  Snowy6.JPG (78333 bytes)  Snowy5.JPG (97097 bytes)  Snowy3.JPG (90840 bytes)  Snowy4.JPG (95844 bytes)

Its melting already!!

Snowy10.JPG (96442 bytes)  Snowy13.JPG (90716 bytes)  Snowy12.JPG (85299 bytes)  Snowy11.JPG (88872 bytes)  Snowy15.JPG (93041 bytes)  Snowy9.JPG (65448 bytes)  Snowy8.JPG (89346 bytes)



22nd January 2007

The Scimitar is running very well at the moment, only a few minor repairs have had to be carried out:

Light1.JPG (155461 bytes)  Light2.JPG (130796 bytes)  Light3.JPG (189825 bytes)  On the way home from the Gaydon Heritage Museum the car in front flicked up a large stone which cracked my headlight and as my other light had just recently blown I thought I had better replace the sealed beam lights.

FuelPump1.JPG (186681 bytes)  FuelPump2.JPG (133106 bytes)   FuelPump3.JPG (131344 bytes)  FuelPump4.JPG (170677 bytes)  FuelPump5.JPG (227680 bytes)  It was only when I got home that I realised that there was a potentially serious problem.  I could smell fuel when driving the Scimitar, so I pulled over to check for any obvious leaks.  I couldn't see anything, so I drove home.  When I got home I had another look and double checked all the fuel lines.  To my horror, the brass fuel fitting that the petrol pipe connects to came straight off in my hand!!  I intend to replace my early glass domed fuel pump with the same type, but until I can get another one, I have had to fit the newer type fuel pump from a SE5a to keep my car going.

FuelPump6.JPG (204021 bytes)  All lights working again and no more fuel leaks. Yippee!!



1st January 2007

On New Years Day I visited the Brooklands Museum near Weybridge in Surrey where there was a superb vintage and classic car meet.

DSCN5741.JPG (375663 bytes)  DSCN5742.jpg (411708 bytes)  DSCN5744.JPG (455066 bytes)  DSCN5745.jpg (407149 bytes)  DSCN5749.JPG (455521 bytes)

DSCN5758.jpg (506164 bytes)  DSCN5760.jpg (492773 bytes)

I was really pleased as at the end of the day as one of the organisers very kindly allowed me let me take some photos of my car on the famous banking!!

DSCN5730.jpg (639284 bytes)  DSCN5732.JPG (538070 bytes)  DSCN5731.jpg (527990 bytes)  DSCN5735.JPG (507844 bytes)  DSCN5733.jpg (533148 bytes)  DSCN5736.JPG (542296 bytes)  DSCN5734.jpg (543836 bytes)    

DSCN5737.jpg (524966 bytes)  DSCN5738.jpg (584897 bytes)  DSCN5739.jpg (580410 bytes)  DSCN5740.jpg (569530 bytes)

To see more Scimitars and plenty of other car photos from the day visit:

Brooklands Day Out

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