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Various Pictures from 2004

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October 2004  

Car show at Three Counties Showground in Malvern. Last car show of the season.

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September 2004 

Camping trip in the New Forest.

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August 2004  

My SE5 with Martin North's SE6 outside Mallory Park

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May 2004  

My Scimitar in front of my 1968 Cheltenham caravan at Drayton Manor Park for the R.S.S.O.C. Family Camping Weekend.

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May 2004  

Engine was finished and fitted just in time for the Retro Cars Chateau Tour in France.

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March 2004  

Time for a replacement engine!!

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January 2004  

Ouch!! Valve seat drops and badly damages a piston and the bore.  Engine block now scrap :o(  

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July 2003  

I received an invite to go to Goodwood the Festival of Speed and help out on the Jaguar Heritage Display!

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I got to drive the Scimitar  up part of the hillclimb and park amongst some very famous Jaguars!  Special thanks to Richard Mason for making this happen.

Photos by Dave Poole and Richard Mason





Time for a wheel change again.  14" Wolfrace alloy wheels now replace the Dunlop composite wheels.

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  Refurbished steering rack, poly-bushed wishbones (and reversed to make car lower), trailing arms, new AVO adjustable suspension.

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I replaced the fibreglass bumpers with chrome bumpers and fitted  tubular exhaust manifolds to replace cracked cast manifold.

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14" Dunlop composite wheels fitted instead of the 15" Triumph TR6 steel wheels.

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May 1998

Proud owner of a Scimitar GTE.

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